Bac Giang improves source of support to ensure the welfare for elder person

Update: 08:13 | 01/10/2020

(BGO) – With dense population and quick ageing process, the health and living care for the elderly encounter a lot of challenges. All levels, sectors and localities in the northern province of Bac Giang have actively researched and implemented various solutions as well as mobilized the socialization sources to ensure the welfare for them. 

Failing to meet the demand

In Bac Giang province, the rate of older people increased year on year, from 8.78 percent in 2009 to 12 percent in 2019. Though the average duration of life in the province (73.4 ages) is as high as the national average age (73.6), the health quality is low.

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The older persons in An Lac commune (Son Dong district) have their health checked and receive free medicine.

According to the medical sector, only 5 percent of the total 220,600 older people (over 60 years old) in the province are in good health while the remaining are in at medium and weak condition.

The monthly social allowance for the older is gradually adjusted. However the statistic of the provincial Association for the Elder Person (PAEP) showed that only more than 45,500 elder persons are now beneficial from the monthly allowance (accounting for 20.4 percent) while there are nearly 43,200 older ones in the province live in poor, near poor families or are ethnic people and people with disabilities.

Increasing the support, socializing the task to care for the older person

The older person is now the first priority group in the national target programme. However, to improve their living standard amid the quick ageing process, the levels and competent sectors should research to adjust the regulation in order to increase the monthly allowance to the elderly who are not beneficial from monthly salary and social welfare allowance. At the same time, the eligible age for older allowance should be lowered to 75 from current age of 80.

In the modern society, the conception of “child relies on father, old father relies on his grown-up child” has gradually changed. The model of traditional family (many generations) switches to the core model (two generations) where the child live independently from the parent. Many older persons live alone though they have many children.

Regarding this issue, Chairman of the PAEP Duong Van Trong informed that only the provincial General Social Protection Facility conducts the task to care and nurture the older persons in the poor families without any supporter in the province. However, there are few cases (90 people) which are much lower than the actual demand for the nursing house.

Thus, the PAEP has further coordinated with the sectors and relevant agencies to persuade the organizations, enterprises and individual to actively support the task to care for the old generation; especially encouraging to develop the older caring model in the community such as investing to build nursing house with professional staff toward hi-quality caring service for the older.

Recently, the Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee has approved for the investment policy to LanQ Pharmaceutical Medical Joint Stock Company with the project to build the older nursing area and resort.

The project is totally invested 60 billion VND (2.5 million USD) and built in an area of over 23,600 square meters at Tan Mai residential group, Da Mai ward (Bac Giang city). It is scheduled to be completed in June 2023 to nurse some 500 elderly people.

Besides the State’s support policy, the Association for Elderly Person at all levels should actively call for the socialization, maintain and develop the fund to care for the older ones while promoting their role.

To ensure the quality of older life, each person should maintain physical health, accumulate finance among the care and spiritual encouragement. Thus, the levels, sectors, localities, families and older persons must take care for the late period of life early.

It is considered as a long-term solution to boost up the communication to enhance the number of people buying voluntary social insurance, expand the rate of coverage toward the public medical insurance so that every older one can be beneficial from pension to ensure the life and have their essential health cared.

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