Vu Tri Suc donates organs to save other lives

Update: 18:07 | 27/09/2020

(BGO) – After receiving the bad news that Vu Tri Suc  succumbed to the serious injuries in a working accident, Thi, his mother and relatives are in deep sorrow. In such shably circumstance, the hurt for the living members seem to be released when they know that some parts of his body can be donated to the medical sectors to revive many other lives. 

The family core

The spacious three storey house of family of Nguyen Thi Thi (born in 1052) in Duc thanh village, Tri Yen commune, Yen Dung district (Bac Giang province) has been recently visited by many people. The photo of the late man in his middle age of 44 Vu Tri Suc is neatly arranged in the center of the incense altar.

Vu Tri Suc, donates organs, save other lives, Bac Giang province, deep sorrow, shably circumstance, medical sectors, revive many other lives

Thi, Sang and Suc’s son Vu Cong Manh talk to reporter.

Thi said in her tear: “I have three children, Suc was in the middle, his older brother works and stays in the South while his younger sister is now in foreign country. My husband passed away early leaving me alone to raise them up. Previously, Suc used to be a hardworking construction owner at Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Libya, Taiwan (China)...This house was designed by Suc and completed by the savings and effort of him and his wife, Nguyen Thi Nhu. After getting married with two sons, his wife decided to go working abroad for three years to earn more money while Suc stayed at home to take care of the mother and children”.

It has been nearly 10 months since Nhu went working in Taiwan, Thi moves to Suc’s house to help him take care of the kids. Suc still worked at several projects near the hometown. The bad day came on August 23, 2020 when the family members gathered in a death anniversary and Suc decided to come later after working time.

After the accident, he was hospitalized at the provincial General Hospital with critical injuries. The surgery could not make his case better thus the family transferred him to Vietnam German Friendship Hospital to get more hope. Unfortunately, Suc could not recover from the accident.

Overcoming the barrier

Making worse prognosis for the patient with no hope of vitality, PhD. Dr.Pham Thi Dao and colleagues at the Organ Transplant Center, Vietnam German Friendship Hospital directly talked to the family and discussed about the idea of organ donation to the medical sector.

To pay tribute and acknowledge the good deed from Suc and his family, the Minister of Health issued decision to honor Insignia “For the people’s health” to Vu Tri Suc as the bright model to widespread the humanitarian spirit among the community.

Listening to the information, firstly Nguyen Van Sang (born in 1967, uncle of the patient) and Vu Tri Luc (brother of the patient) were very surprised and confused because they have never known about the similar case among their relatives.

After getting the consultation from the doctors, two persons stayed awake the whole night at the hospital then called to the relatives to say about the intention of organ donation. The hardest person to persuade was Suc’s mother. Sang recalled the moment when she burst into tear and refused the idea. Then Suc’s wife did not agree with the organ donation.

In that case, doctor Dao directly called to Nhu in Taiwan to persuade her. Then, Nhu called to her relatives, including her sister working at the Heart Hospital for more consultation. Finally, Nhu saved her tear to call for Thi’s agreement.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, Nhu can not return to Vietnam immediately so she called to authorize her oldest son Vu Cong Manh (born in 2002) to sign in the application of organ transplant registration.

“He passed away but still remains”

PhD.Dr Pham Thi Dao said: “Suc’s body parts were transplanted to save several patients. He donated his heart, liver, two kidneys, two corneas and 4 sections of pulse”.

Vu Tri Suc, donates organs, save other lives, Bac Giang province, deep sorrow, shably circumstance, medical sectors, revive many other lives

The 11 year old boy with newly transplanted heart from Suc. (Photo taken in the afternoon of September 22, 2020).

As of September 22, six patients were transplanted with Suc’s organs including 11 year old boy in Thai Binh province with a normally beaten heart in his chest, 53 year old patient in Hai Phong province with a liver transplant, 24 year old patient and 44 year old patient in Hanoi city each with a kidney.

4 sections of pulse are now preserving in the tissue bank of Vietnam German Friendship Hospital for other patients.

Then, doctor Dao sent me the photo of 11 year old boy in Thai Binh showing his smile on the patient bed.

“Suc presents second life to this boy,” she said.

Giving a part of body to save other life is a meaningful action of Thi, Nhu, Sang, Luc ...and family of Vu Tri Suc. Their final decision helps revive the life of miserable patients with few hope of vitality.

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