Green and Red Journey Club builds youth’s good lifestyle

Update: 18:19 | 26/09/2020

(BGO)- The Green and Red Journey Club of Luc Nam High School in Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province is an effective model in implementation of the “5 green” campaign at schools. The club has involved the youth in carrying out numerous volunteer activities for the community, which create an environment for students’ exchange and life skills-based education. 

On every Saturday, the loudspeaker of Luc Nam High School is broadcast to remind the students preparing used stuff such as plastic bottles and paper to be collected by the members of the Green and Red Journey Club.

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The youth of Luc Nam High School joining Green and Red Journey Club collect waste to raise fund.

Currently, the club has 40 official members being students from different classes. In line with the assigned duties by the school’s youth union, the club implements some other works including propaganda against plastic waste on the school’s loudspeaker system, taking part in volunteer activities for the community and environment protection in the locality.

“After 2 years, the club has attracted tens of members. Since joining the club, I have gained more knowledge of environment protection and developed many skills such as teamwork, public speaking and communication skills”, said Bui Quang Van, student of class 12A1, leader of Green and Red Journey Club.

In order to implement activities, the club’s managing board established some sub-groups such as personnel, communication and content groups to take in charge of different tasks. The club’s managing board is assigned to make plan, propose good ideas and organize propaganda and mobilization.

Thanks to active involvement of the members, the club can self-control its operating fund. The club saves about 5 million VND (215 USD) each year to organize activities on Mid-Autumn Festival and Lunar New Year occasions.

The club spent its fund resource to donate 2 million VND (86 USD) and some other gifts such as bicycle, blanket and bedding to 2 orphans named Ho Ky Su (10 years old) and Ho Sy Nghiep (7 years old) in Trai Rang village, Cam Dan commune, Son Dong district. In addition, they presented 11 gift packages to other needy students of the school.

Besides, the club’s members launched the “Breakfast for poor friends” programme. Aiming to call the students to share with those who face difficulties, the club is assigned to come to each class to mobilize the youth to voluntarily donate breakfasts to poor students.

Accordingly, each student donates from 2,000 to 5,000 VND (0.09 to 0.22 USD) per month. The Red Journey Club and the school’s youth union will come to the students’ families to grasp their situations and select the list in priority order to timely support needy students.

The “Breakfast for poor friends” model has reached many youth union’s members of the school. Particularly, 2 students Nguyen Ngoc Thien and Trinh Khanh Nhu have been supported with 500,000 VND (21.57 USD) per month.

The club’s activities in Luc Nam High School demonstrate this is a meaningful model to gather the youth and create favourable environment for young people to share knowledge and nurture living skills.

Teacher Do Thi Bich Lien, Secretary of the youth union of Luc Nam High School shared experience to promote efficiency of the club model.

“Since beginning of the school year, the school’s youth union consulted the School Board to organize the club based on real situation and student’s demands.

Besides, we renew the contents and methods of organization to attract students’ active involvement with encouragement. The youth union facilitates the club’s operation and considers it the best method to gather and manage the youth union’s members aiming to comprehensive education with knowledge and skills for students”, she said.

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