Pride of military medical soldiers

Update: 06:36 | 23/09/2020

(BGO) – When Covid-19 epidemic is well controlled, the military doctors and nurses at the Medical Clinic of the Military Command in Bac Giang province spend time on reviewing the hot time in pandemic prevention and control. The emotion, encouragement and sharing from comrades and residents inspire the military medical soldiers to continue completing the assigned task excellently in needy case. 

Together with offering health examination and disease treatment to the officers and soldiers, the Medical Clinic of the provincial Military Command is the pioneer unit in Covid-19 prevention and control. When the pandemic was outbreak in the country, the doctors and nurses at the Medical Clinic highly focused on preventive methods.

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The isolated cases have their body temperature checked at the provincial Center of National Defence and Security Education.

Accepting the assigned task at the isolation site of the provincial Center of National Defence and Security Education in early days of the first outbreak, Lieutenant and physician Dang Van Tuyen shared: “We and doctors, nurses at the Department of Health examined health condition and checked the body temperature of the citizens twice per day; sprayed disinfectants to the rooms; monitored the suspected cases to take on testing immediately”.

Prior to the day, Tuyen’s working group only made a phone call to inform their families then went to conduct the task. At the isolated site, there were many elder persons with complicated underlying illnesses, children with weak health, several cases with symptoms of cough, fever... who were intensively cared by the doctors and nurses under quarantine condition.

Whenever welcoming citizens to the isolation site, everyone took prompt actions to receive them, provide medical inspection and accommodation before having diner.

To date, the doctors and nurses at the Medical Clinic of the provincial Military Command have joined hands with the medical staff to take care of nearly 3,000 citizens under safe quarantine.

According to Commander and Doctor Ngo Van Suu, Head of the Medical Clinic, the lesson learnt from the peak prevention period is to carefully inspect at the first period (receiving the citizen) in term of body temperature, suspected symptoms like cough, fever; actively communicate and encourage them to comfortably stay at the quarantine site; strictly monitor any arising symptoms to have suitable examination and treatment.

From the gained experiences, in the upcoming time the unit will reinforce the equipment and tools, seriously implement the duty regime, stay alert to every circumstance to further complete any assigned task excellently.

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