Dream on the wing helps Bac Giang students to overcome difficulties

Update: 18:37 | 07/09/2020

(BGO) – Pham Thi Tuyen (born in 2000) in Nghia Tien village, Dong Lo commune, Hiep Hoa district (Bac Giang province) is now third year student at International Business Administration, Hanoi Foreign Trade University.  

Recalling the difficult period in the past, Tuyen said: “My family is very poor, even I did not have a table for study. I was born as the oldest sister in a family with 4 children while the third one suffered from cerebral palsy, heart failure and regular sickness. My mother spends all time to take care of the twin and the weak child so she could not do anything. My father works on farm and every hired jobs to earn the living for 7 members as well as the study charge. The poor family seemed to be more miserable”.

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Pham Thi Tuyen.

Truly loving the parent, Tuyen studies hard to take as bright example for other children. She passed the entrance exam to Bac Giang High School to the Gifted in the academic year 2015 – 2016. When receiving the notice of acceptance, she felt both happy and worry. The dream to good school came true but the hard life made Tuyen hesitated. The little student used to think of studying at the district to reduce the cost of study and help the family.

With the encouragement from parent, Tuyen still decided to study in Bac Giang city among the deep concern about the hardness her parent must bear for her study.

At that time, Tuyen was selected by the Organization Board of Programme “Dream on the wings” for impoverished students (jointly launched by the provincial Association for Protection of Children’s Rights, Bac Giang Newspaper and Association of Study Encouragement) to receive monthly scholarship of 500,000 VND (21.68 USD) during her high school together with 4 other students.

Tuyen’s younger sister Pham Thi Yen at secondary school was presented yearly scholarship together with 130 other poor students in the province by the Programme. It is really precious and meaningful for two girls.

“The scholarship not only inspires us to overcome the difficulties but also builds up the belief in humanity to love and share with other needy cases,” Tuyen shared.

In return to the emotion and due attention, Tuyen always takes great efforts on studying. As the result, she got high achievements in her high school years such as prizes at provincial contest for excellent student, regional and national contests.

In the academic year 2016 – 2017, Tuyen won third prize at national contest in Literature and got direct entrance to several famous universities of Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Education University, Social Science and Humanities....However, she registered to take the entrance exam to Foreign Trade University and passed the exam as her wish.

At the new environment, Tuyen often tries her best in studying and practising with highest determination. She considers that personally she must gain knowledge, skill and good living so as to help her family and others.

In spite of hard study programme, Tuyen spends time on voluntary programme launched at the university and class to partly widespread the humanity work and support the needy cases similar to her sisters who were supported by “Dream on the wings” programme.

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