Over 26,000 candidates sit delayed high school graduation exams

Update: 15:13 | 03/09/2020

On Thursday morning (Sep 3), over 26,000 candidates from a number of localities across the country started their 2020 National High School Graduation Exams – phase 2, which had been delayed in such locales due to Covid-19.

In the morning, candidates took the Literature exam in 120 minutes, with the Maths test to follow in the afternoon.

In this second phase, candidates still sit five exams, including Literature, Maths, Foreign Languages, Natural Science and Social Science, equivalent to the phase 1 that was held nationwide in early August.

26,000 candidates, delayed high school graduation exams, Covid-19 pandemic, registered candidates, local medical blockade

A candidate has his body temperature measured before entering an exam venue in Da Nang on the morning of September 3, 2020.

According to the statistics from the Ministry of Education and Training, in the pre-test session yesterday, there were 26,075 candidates present at the exam venues to finish their procedures before taking their exams, reaching 98.45% of the total number of registered candidates.

The ministry affirmed that measures to prevent Covid-19 have been carefully prepared by localities to ensure the safety of candidates and officials on duty during the delayed exams.

Nearly 11,000 Da Nang candidates sit delayed exams

In the central city of Da Nang – the epicentre for new wave of Covid-19 infections in Vietnam, nearly 11,000 local students joined their peers nationwide to sit the delayed exams this morning.

According to the Da Nang Examination Council, this year, the city has 10,984 local participants, along with 37 others from other provinces and cities who were been trapped in Da Nang due to Covid-19.

They will sit their exams at 25 official venues, with six other backup locations. The candidates are close contacts of Covid-19 patients and those from the local medical blockade areas.

The Da Nang Department of Education and Training has mobilised nearly 3,000 officials, teachers and staff to serve the delayed exams.

All the exam venues completed disinfection procedures before welcoming candidates, while measures to cope with the disease transmission are being carried out during the exams. Candidates are required to change their medical masks and wash their hands with antiseptic, along with having their body temperature checked before entering the exam room.

26,000 candidates, delayed high school graduation exams, Covid-19 pandemic, registered candidates, local medical blockade

All the candidates, teachers and staff working in the delayed exams in Da Nang tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 before joining the exams. (

Earlier, Da Nang authorities carried out Covid-19 testing for all the candidates and officials on duty, with all of them showing negative test results for the coronavirus.

In the neighbouring province of Quang Nam, more than 9,200 candidates from the epidemic areas in the province came to the exam venues on September 2 to complete their procedures for the exams, which have started today.

Quang Nam is the locality with the second largest number of contestants in the country, after Da Nang, to sit the delayed exams. The province has mobilised 1,624 officials and employees to serve the exams at 28 local exam venues.

Hanoi has seven contestants, of whom four are from high schools with connections to Covid-19 patients and three others are military soldiers who were able to take part in the first phase due to Covid-19.

Hanoi set a lone exam venue for the candidates at Viet Duc High School in Hoan Kiem District. The capital city has mobilised 18 officers, teachers and staff to serve the exams.

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Source: NDO

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