Bac Giang handles more administrative procedures at OSS section

Update: 08:11 | 15/07/2020

(BGO) – In an effort to build a modern and professional administration system for the people, over the past time, central agencies’ subordinate units based in Bac Giang province have actively reviewed and made more administrative procedures handled at the one-stop shop (OSS) sections at the district level and the provincial Public Administration Service Centre.

More procedures handled at OSS section

Before 2019, there were very few administrative procedures of central agencies’ subordinate units based in the province handled at the provincial Public Administration Service Centre. This caused many difficulties for organizations and citizens. In order to improve the quality of service for the people, the provincial People's Committee has drastically directed the units to review and increase the number of administrative procedures processed at the OSS sections and the provincial Public Administration Service Centre.

Bac Giang, administrative procedures, at OSS section

The provincial Public Security Department puts more administrative procedures in place at the provincial Public Administration Service Centre, creating favorable conditions for organizations and citizens.

On June 15, 2020, the provincial Public Security Department put four more administrative procedures in the field of fire fighting for handling at the provincial Public Administration Service Centre. They are the procedures for certification of training in rescue operations; granting the certificate of professional training on fire fighting; approving the fire fighting designs for projects and constructions specified in Appendix IV issued together with the Government's Decree No. 79/2014/ND-CP dated July 31, 2014; and pre-acceptance test of fire fighting. Now, there are 24 administrative procedures of the public security sector handled at the center.


In the immediate future, the provincial Public Administration Service Centre will arrange two separate fully equipped working rooms for the provincial Public Security Department and the Department of Planning and Investment to handle "five on-site" (receiving, appraising, approving, stamping and returning results on site) for people and businesses. In addition, the centre is also actively coordinating with related departments and agencies to give advice to the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee on a plan to select and supplement highly qualified, competent and responsible personnel for handling administrative procedures. It is expected that by the end of July 2020, the provincial Social Insurance Agency will make a number of administrative procedures with many dossiers processed at the center.


Here, four adjacent doorways arranged for the provincial public security sector often welcome citizens. Information from the Fire Fighting and Rescue Police Division, although only four more procedures have been introduced at the center for nearly a month, the unit received about 100 documents, mostly of them were returned on time and ahead of schedule.

Nguyen Van Nam from Bac Giang city said that he came to complete procedures to apply for a certificate of professional training in fire fighting and renew a motorbike driving licence (a procedure of the Department of Transport). The agencies gather here so it is very convenient. It did not take him much time to go to the center many times.

According to statistics from the provincial Public Administration Service Center, among the 299 administrative procedures handled here, 192 are under the authority of central agencies’ subordinate units (reaching 64 percent), typically the provincial Tax Department, the provincial Public Security Department and the provincial Social Insurance Agency.

Not only at the provincial level, districts have also actively made administrative procedures processed at OSS sessions. According to Than Van Nam, Deputy Chief of the Office of the People's Council and People's Committee of Yen The district, in addition to seven civil servants from specialized divisions of the district People's Committee, since the beginning of 2020, the electricity , social insurance, public security and tax agencies of Tan Yen - Yen The region have appointed staff to directly settle some administrative procedures for organizations and citizens. Bassically, the units have returned documents on time and ahead of schedule.

Ensuring sufficient facilities, meeting requirements

According to Pham Van Da, Director of the provincial Public Administration Service Center, central agencies’ subordinate units in the province bringing more administrative procedures to the centre for handling expresses their high determination in coordinating with local authorities in implementing administrative reform. This will be very convenient for organizations and citizens when they only need to go to one place to finish all administrative procedures.

In addition, the centre also easily controls the procedure settlement of each unit to promptly remind them and report to the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee.

Bac Giang, administrative procedures, at OSS section

Citizens learn about administrative procedures which are publicly posted at the provincial Public Administration Service Centre.

However, it requires the provincial Public Administration Service Centre and the district-level OSS sections to ensure sufficient facilities and equipment. The central agencies’ subordinate units should send capable staff to the centre to perform the duties. In order to improve service quality, the centre has advised the provincial People’s Committee to invest in upgrading facilities, equipment, and machines to ensure the smooth settlement of administrative procedures.

At the OSS section of Viet Yen district, the social insurance and public security agencies have put their procedures in place, but because of limited space, they receive and return results on a rotating schedule of 2-4 days per week. The district is currently building an inter-agency housing area, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year, with priority to be given to the OSS section.

The remaining localities also plan to upgrade facilities and ensure the working area in order to create favorable conditions for agencies and sectors to send officials to receive and return the procedures settlement results, thus improving administrative reform and facilitating activities of people and businesses.

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