Bac Giang volunteers for a green homeland

Update: 13:52 | 12/07/2020

(BGO) – In the Volunteer Youth Campaign (VYC) this summer, the youth in Bac Giang province has implemented several programmes and activities focusing on the content and effectiveness instead of the formalities. To date, many new models, creative methods have been realized by the youth union at all levels to contribute the youth strength in protecting the environment, building new rural and civilized urban areas.

Responding to this summer VYC themed “Volunteer youth builds city”, the Bac Giang municipal youth has conducted various voluntary tasks to take the youth strength to proactively build the civilized, bright, green and beautiful urban area.

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The youth members in Tran Nguyen Han ward (Bac Giang city) call for the small traders to minimize the use of plastic waste.

Ha Vi market in Tran Nguyen Han ward (Bac Giang province) has about 100 small traders selling live stock and dried food stuff. Everyday, the households use big quantity of nylon bag and single use plastic waste, leading to increased volume of waste.

From that actual situation, the Youth Union in Tran Nguyen Han ward proposed the local Party and People’s Committee to launch model “Civil market minimizes plastic waste”.

Accordingly, the Youth Union in the ward coordinated with the Management Board of the market to broadcast the communication calling for the small traders to ink the commitment, local residents to minimize using nylon bad and single use plastic; keep organizing the programme “Point accumulation for gift exchanges” and “Exchanging recycle waste for tree” to encourage them exchanging plastic bottle, can, old books and newspapers to tools or trees.

The Secretary of the ward Youth Union Tran Thi Hai shared: “The action is warmly welcomed by the locals in the area, so the Youth Union gathered nearly 1,000 beer cans, plastic bottle, over 100kg of waste, old books and newspapers which were sold to gain expenses to present gifts and scholarships to local impoverished students”.

Via the project “Youth creates green lifestyle” and “5 green” movement, the youth in Hiep Hoa district selected the market in Thang town to implement the model. The local youth organized direct communication or delivered leaflets and effigies.

Toward an effective implementation, the district Youth Union established the voluntary teams together with the Management Board of the market to regularly clean up the area, remind the small trading households to limit the use of nylon bag.

Implementing the Decree No.17 of the provincial Party Committee’s Standing Board about mobilizing the public to thoroughly gather and treat the waste in the environment and launching 2020 summer VYC, the provincial Youth Union focuses on the task of environmental protection, new rural and civilized urban building.

According to the Vice Secretary of the provincial Youth Union Than Trung Kien, the provincial Youth Union instructed the units to conduct a chain of voluntary activities focusing on the content and effectiveness instead of the formalities so that the tasks in 2020 summer VYC is suitable to local actual situation.

Apart from the youth activities to protect the environment, further implementation of 2020 summer VYC, the provincial Youth Union assigned the voluntary groups to conduct 5 projects of Exam Assistance, Pink Vacation, Green March, Red Flamboyant and Green Summer.

During implementation, the youth union at all levels provides support, consultation and information to the students at the High School Education Examination and Entrance Exam to grade 10; form quick response teams to support traffic route to ensure the public order and help student in exam season; grow trees in the empty land; beautify the cemeteries; help difficult social policy families and organize summer activities for youths and teenagers.

To gain high result, each youth block and force should base on the situation and properties to arrange the members suitably with the content and task. Realizing the voluntary programmes help promote the pioneer and creative spirit of youth members to join hands in homeland construction.

Lang Giang Youth Union launches “Blue shirt joins hand to fight against Covid-19” week
(BGO) – On the 89 founding anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Youth Union in Lang Giang district, Bac Giang province launched the week “Blue shirt joins hand to fight against Covid-19” from March 20 – 29.  
Bac Giang youth joins hands for community
(BGO) – March has gone and left many emotion of the youth in the northern province of Bac Giang. Each youth member is happy and proud of the projects and tasks done for community. 
Youth union member Dinh Huu Trinh: "Miracles" from talented hands
(BGO) – Relatives or colleagues still call Dinh Huu Trinh (born in 1985), an officer of the Metrology Management Desk of the Division of Standards, Metrology and Quality under the Bac Giang provincial Department of Science and Technology, an "expert " of control equipment and automation.
Youth Union’s Secretary at Cam Ly High School Duong Van Thang honored with Ly Tu Trong award
(BGO) – After selection and judge, 82 out of more than 200 outstanding youth union officials and members nationwide were honored to receive Ly Tu Trong award in 2020. Duong Van Thang (born in 1985), Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCMCYU) in Cam Ly High School (Luc Nam district) is the only one face in Bac Giang province to receive the award.
Youth members at provincial Military Command support Tan My Kindergarten School to prevent Covid-19 epidemic
(BGO) – The Youth Union at the Bac Giang provincial Military Command on March 17 organized a hike to support Tan My Kindergarten School in Covid-19 prevention and control in response to the Youth Month 2020 and celebrate 75 founding anniversary of the provincial armed force.

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