Yen The widely spreads charity work

Update: 21:41 | 27/05/2020

(BGO) – The mountainous district of Yen The in Bac Giang province has recently supported the local residents in economic development and well mobilized various sources of political and socio organization, enterprises and individuals in and outside the province to join hands in helping the needy cases. Many of them are encouraged to gain the stabilization to overcome the challenge in life. 

“Bridge” of affection

Previously, Nguyen Van Dong in Am village, Tam Hiep commune was the major labour in his family. Last year, he got serious accident and suffered from traumatic brain injury, making the family live in miserable condition.

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Representative of Yen The Charity Club (Yen The district Red Cross Society) hands over the gift to support family of Bui Van Thuong in Mac village, Phon Xuong town to cure his son with brain cancer.

Knowing about the case, the Love Sharing Club under Yen The Red Cross Society (RCS) actively provided information and called for the donation from the kind hearted people and businesses to support them.

Half of month later, the club mobilized 46 million VND (nearly 2,000 USD) from the community to support Dong in treatment process. Dong shared his family could rely on no one without the timely support from the society and the district RCS.

Playing the “bridging” role in humanitarian task, last year, the district RCS called for the philanthropists in and outside the province to present 43 million VND to Lu Van Don in Rung Dai hamlet, Tam Tien commune who has been paralyzed for years.

Also, the district RCS supported family of Bui Van Thuong in Mac village, Phon Xuong town with 84 million VND (3,600 USD) to cure his 8 year old son suffering from brain cancer.

According to the Chairwoman of the district RCS Ngo Thi Phuc, implementing the instruction from the district Party and Authority, since last year, the RCS has coordinated with many organization and charity groups in and outside the province to call for the donations of nearly 2 billion VND (85,700 USD) from the companies, organization and individuals to help hundreds of families living in special difficult circumstance such as Doan Thi Yen in Chua village, Tan Hiep commune; Nguyen Hoang long in Rung Chieng village, Tien Thang commune...

Apart from cash support, the district RCS has actively collaborated with several medical facilities to organize free health examination and medicine supply, establish the location to deliver charity gifts to the poor in the communes of Dong Son, Dong Huu, Dong Ky, Hong Ky...

Typically, the “humanitarian porridge” is regularly maintained at the district Medical Center by the district RCS.

Supporting proper addresses

According to Vice Chairman of the district People’s Committee Than Minh Sam, the district now has nearly 2,200 poor households. Defining that the social welfare is one of the key political tasks in the area, Yen The district has recently instructed the competent agencies to call for the active donation from their officers, staff and labourers to support the poor.

Particularly, the district authority assigned the district RCS as the major representative to contact to the kind-hearted people as well as the charity groups in and outside the province to appeal for the support.

To ease the appealing task, last year the district RCS established two new clubs of Yen The Charity and Love Sharing, each has dozens of members to take regular contact to call for the donation from the philanthropists in and outside the province to help the special difficult cases in the district.

Also, they grasp the cases’ demand to have specific orientation to give suitable support to each person. The priority is taken to help the victims of natural disasters, poor people with disabilities, people living in remote areas so that they can overcome the challenge in life.

Yen The’s experience proved that the appealing method should be diverse to be more effective so as to mobilize more people to join hands in charity work such as direct persuasion, calling via social networks (facebook, zalo...) with attached images and videos to accurately provide information about the needy cases.

Chairman of PetroVietnam Tran Sy Thanh extends Tet greeting and presents gifts to poor people in Bac Giang
(BGO) – The member of the Central Party Committee, Deputy Chairman of the Central Party Committee’s Economic Commission, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Member Council of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam) Tran Sy Thanh who is also former Secretary of Bac Giang provincial Party Committee on January 20 paid a visit to extend Tet greetings to Bac Giang province and present gifts to the poor on the occasion of upcoming Tet holiday 2020.
Bringing warm spring to the poor
(BGO) - The traditional Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday 2020 is nearing. With the spirit of "The whole country joins hands for the poor - no one is left behind," agencies at all levels, sectors and localities in Bac Giang province have been organizing many programmes to take care of the poor and families in especially difficult circumstances so that they can enjoy a warm new spring.
Provincial Party Secretary Bui Van Hai visits and presents Tet gift to national contributors and poor households in Yen Dung district
(BGO) – On the occasion of the upcoming 2020 Lunar New Year (the Year of the Mouse), Member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC), Chairman of the provincial People’s Council Bui Van Hai on January 9 visited and presented Tet gifts to the People’s Armed Force Hero Tran Dinh Hung (born in 1928) in Duoi village, Canh Thuy commune (Yen Dung district).   
Bac Ninh’s provincial leaders extend Tet greetings, present support fund for the poor in Bac Giang
(BGO)- On the occasion of the New Year of the Rat 2020, delegation of the provincial Party Committee (PPC) of Bac Ninh province headed by Nguyen Quoc Chung, PPC Deputy Secretary, Chairman of the provincial People’s Council visited Bac Giang province and presented support fund for the poor in the province.
Bac Giang strives to provide Tet gifts to all poor households
(BGO)- The Fatherland Front Committee of Bac Giang province has launched the plan to mobilize resources and give gifts to the poor on Lunar New Year occasion 2020 (Year of the Rat).

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