Job Service Center in Bac Giang province links businesses and labourers

Update: 08:30 | 26/05/2020

(BGO) – To well consult and introduce the jobs to labourers, recently the Job Service Center (JSC) in Bac Giang province has continuously renovated the method to organize the transaction session, develop the market information system, reinforce the linkage to the vocational school and enterprises, hence supporting the labour supply-demand and solving the target of job creating to reduce the unemployment rate.  

Renovating the job transaction session

As schedule, in 2020 the provincial JSC will organize 62 job transaction sessions, 48 of which are regular and the remaining are specific and mobile.

Since early this year, due to the complex development of Covid-19 pandemic, the JSC has held 18 sessions with 17 regular ones in every Thursday at the center and a specific session for the labour with expired working contract in the Republic of Korea under Employment Permit System, helping introduce suitable jobs to nearly 700 labourers at the local enterprises.

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The officers att the provincial Job Service Center consult and introduce the jobs to labourers in Trung Son commune (Viet Yen district).

According to Tran Van Quang, Head of the Division of Job Consultation and Introduction, the organization of job transaction sessions is the key task, thus the Center always consults and renovate the sessions toward various forms in expanded location for different cases.

For recent two years, the JSC has mobilized the expenses and man powers to launch many mobile employment festivals at the districts and city, especially the rural and mountainous areas apart from the regular ones in every Thursday.

Besides, the specific sessions for the labourers returning after working abroad and people with disabilities have drawn many participants. Particularly, the JSC integrates job introduction with career orientation while supplying the information about the labour demand-supply so that the youth and last graders at high school can select the suitable career to easily find their job after graduation, helping reduce the rate of local unemployment.

To overcome the difficulty due to Covid-19 pandemic, the JSC has organized direct transaction session on the fanpage (sangiaodichvieclam) since late January 2020 while establishing the hotline to consult and introduce online jobs via website and telephone number. The job vacancies are continuously updated so that the labourer can select and meet the enterprises’ demand.

Multiplying the linked model between vocational school and businesses

Currently, 85 companies are on demand of labour recruitment directly at the JSC with total positions of nearly 70,000 people, mostly for garment and electronic fields.

Some major employers include Fuhong Precision Component (Bac Giang) Company Limited (15,000 people); NewWing Interconnect Technology Company Limited (10,800 people)...

To link the labour demand-supply, the JSC has focused on building the linked model to the vocational school basing on the employment demand of the businesses.

The Director of the provincial JSC Nguyen Van Hue forecast that amid the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, the labour demand will increase 22 – 25 percent comparing to 2019 after the ease of social distancing period when the business and production become stable again.

To link the labour demand-supply, the JSC has focused on building the linked model to the vocational school basing on the employment demand of the businesses.

In early 2019, the JSC inked the memorandum of understanding about the labour supply agreement with Bac Giang Industrial Technical College, Vietnam Korean College of Technology, Siflex Vietnam Co.,Ltd, PT Daehan Global Yen Dung Joint Stock Company. Now, nearly 1,000 graduated students are employed at two companies.

As schedule, Bac Giang province strives to create jobs to 31,000 local labourers in 2020, up 400 people comparing to the figure in 2019. To fulfil the target, the provincial JSC has focused on renovating the method to enhance the effectiveness of job transaction session; gather information, closely forecast the labour market, apply information technology into various activities to connect and help the labourers and enterprises to quickly and correctly access to the information.

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