Going home, touching root

Update: 07:52 | 30/01/2020

(BGO) – In his 50s, Pham Trong Su (born in 1967) in Huong Son commune, Lang Giang district, Bac Giang province who has lived and worked in Poland for 30 years paid his first trip to his homeland and decided to build a kindergarten school with many new educational ideas in Voi town, Lang Giang district.

Poland, youth time

Each person lives his own life. The 21 year old Su came to Czechoslovakia as an internship student in agriculture field. When the Soviet Union and the East European countries separated, in 1990 he moved to live, work and got married with two sons in Poland. Similarly to many Vietnamese expatriates in Poland, Su had to deal with numerous difficulties.

Going home, touching root, Bac Giang province, Pham Trong Su, kindergarten school,  new educational ideas, numerous difficulties,

Pham Trong Su.

On the first days, there were some 500 Vietnamese people including students, internship, researcher and scientific coordinators in the country. At that time, there was no working agreement in Poland among the block of socialist countries. It was until the middle of the 1990s when the Vietnamese from other countries and in region established the Vietnamese community in Poland. Su and his wife are among the active and responsible members in the community.

Sharing about the youth period in Poland and current success, Su said it was made by a clear determination of the life target, the industriousness and sensitive to the market..., helping his family accumulate a dream asset.

But for him, the most proud thing is not the asset but two sons who are good at studying and successful in life. His older son was born in 1994 and is now working at Financial Consultation Company under the US’s ATKearney Group. His younger boy was born in 1998 and now is studying at Japanese University of Information Technology in Poland.

Reminding about the Tet far from home, Su shared any country and nation have their own cultural tradition. His generation is considered as the bridge to preserve several Vietnamese good customs.

In a foreign country, especially on the lunar New Year occasion, the expat community always preserves and reenact the Vietnamese traditions of worshipping the ancestor, visiting pagoda to welcome the Eve, celebrating Tet in the community among others.

Sacred word of Homeland

In 2018, Su returned to Lang Giang district to visit the family and relatives. This time, he knew that the district was planning to build a kindergarten school. He wanted to do something for his homeland then decided to invest his accumulated asset to build a dream school.

Going home, touching root, Bac Giang province, Pham Trong Su, kindergarten school,  new educational ideas, numerous difficulties,

Perspective of “IQ Kindergarten School” in Voi town, Lang Giang district.

He wishes to build a school with open educational environment to help the children develop naturally, promote their talents and advantages. The kids can study, entertain, interact, study the life skill, English, singing as well as play the basis sports since early childhood such as swimming, football, yoga, dancing...

When Su decided to invest billions of VND to build the kindergarten school, his expat friends and relatives were afraid of the bold idea. However, for him, doing business was not his first priority. He always hopes to settle at the homeland after many years of separation to realize an open educational establishment which he researched and studied from other countries and the success of his two sons.

On the total land of 4,200 square meters, the school named “IQ Kindergarten School” will be completed by May 2020 to welcome the first students. It was designed under European standard with suitable adjustment to Vietnamese condition.

Its campus has playground, football pitch with the grass like the international stadium, sand tank, legend garden, flower park...The project is under completion, proving that his dream gradually comes true.

“I hope one of my two sons will go home together with me to devote to the homeland,” Su shared.

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