Welcoming new spring in new home

Update: 07:38 | 26/01/2020

(BGO) – New spring has come with happiness and hope which are much multiplied when Bac Giang province eliminated 585 temporary and damaged houses on this Tet occasion to help the poor settle their life in the cozy unity houses full of love.

Valuable counterpart funds

Nguyen Thi Duong in Thuong village, Thuong Lan commune (Viet Yen district) used to dream about a spacious house because her husband who was paralyzed in a traffic accident for dozens of years and family all rely on Duong.

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Leader of Yen Dung district hands over the expense to support the construction of great unity house to Nguyen Thi Deo in Xuan Phu commune.

Acknowledging the severely damaged house of the family, the communal Fatherland Front’s Committee (FFC) defined a key task to support the household to build a new house in early 2019.

The Standing Board made the document to ask the higher level to support the expense and persuaded their relatives to join hands. On the commencement day, many people come to help. The 60 square meter house was constructed in the happiness.

In Yen Dung district, many impoverished households can not build the house because of the limited counterpart fund and support from the Fund for the poor. To handle the issue, early this year, the district FFC suggested the district Party Committee to launch the programme “Key hand over” (support almost all of project value) that raised the support rate to build a new house up to 40 million VND (1,700 USD) from 30 million VND (1,295 USD) per house.

According to Vice Chairman of the district FFC Ong Xuan Dung, with this method, the FFC of all levels in the district built and repaired 39 houses totally worth over 1.5 billion VND (64,700 USD), exceeding 13 houses comparing to the registered target with the provincial FFC.

Joining hands for the poor

In 2019, the provincial FFC and member organizations supported 585 cases to eliminate the temporary and damaged houses with total donated expenses of over 32 billion VND (over 1.3 million USD).

The statistic proved that 40 to 50 percent of the construction cost for the great unity house was contributed by the family and relatives of the disadvantaged household. Besides, the local businesses provided positive support.

Each great unity house not only brings the happiness to the poor but also the FFC officers and staff. There were 135 houses built exceeding the registered figure in 2019.

According to the provincial FFC’s Standing Board, there were many creative methods to calling for numerous engagement from the people of all strata to eliminate the temporary and damage houses. The village and commune well conducted the review and assessment the actual situation of the house, the economic ability of the poor while transparently announcing the use of various funds.

To gain this result, most of the districts and city mobilized the sources from the enterprises, kind hearted people and internal fund from the residential areas. The statistic proved that 40 to 50 percent of the construction cost for the great unity house was contributed by the family and relatives of the disadvantaged household. Besides, the local businesses provided positive support.

“Settlement” helps the poor has chance to develop the economy. Thus, elimination of temporary and damaged houses not only creates the motive force for the poor to overcome the challenges but also indicates the solidarity spirit, the sharing and engagement from the society toward realizing the target “No one left behind”.

The Permanent Vice Chairman of the provincial FFC Trinh Huu Ban said in the upcoming time, the FFD of all level will continue coordinating to the member organizations to take active communication to widespread the campaign “For the poor” to the people, hence gathering more expenses to support the needy to over come the difficulties and escapes from the poverty.

Bringing warm spring to the poor
(BGO) - The traditional Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday 2020 is nearing. With the spirit of "The whole country joins hands for the poor - no one is left behind," agencies at all levels, sectors and localities in Bac Giang province have been organizing many programmes to take care of the poor and families in especially difficult circumstances so that they can enjoy a warm new spring.
Officials present Tet gifts to poor people, disadvantaged children
Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh on January 12 visited and presented gifts to ethnic minority and needy households in the central province of Quang Tri ahead of the Lunar New Year (Tet) festival.
PM calls on Vietnamese to support poor people ahead of Tet
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on January 18 called on Vietnamese people, firms and agencies both at home and overseas to continue providing relief for disadvantaged people living in far-flung islands and areas as well as those affected by natural disasters and Agent Orange/dioxin.
Chairman of PetroVietnam Tran Sy Thanh extends Tet greeting and presents gifts to poor people in Bac Giang
(BGO) – The member of the Central Party Committee, Deputy Chairman of the Central Party Committee’s Economic Commission, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Member Council of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam) Tran Sy Thanh who is also former Secretary of Bac Giang provincial Party Committee on January 20 paid a visit to extend Tet greetings to Bac Giang province and present gifts to the poor on the occasion of upcoming Tet holiday 2020.
Over 48,700 Tet gift presented to the poor
(BGO) – Responding to the campaign “Tet for the poor”, as of January 21, Bac Giang province called for the donation to present more than 48,700 Tet gifts in cash to the poor and near poor families via the Fatherland Front’s Committee at all levels, each worth 300 – 500,000 VND (total value hit over 19 billion VND or 823,500 USD). 

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