Giving love makes beautiful life

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(BGO) – “Our club is now so busy to calling for the donation of clothes, food and necessities to support the poor on Tet occasion,” said Tran Tuan Hiep (born in 1992) in Cham village, Dong Lo commune, Hiep Hoa district (Bac Giang province), Head of the “Heart sharing” club. 

Selling sim card to do charity work

When studying at Phu Tho Medical College in 2013, Hiep started joining the youth voluntary activities launched by the college. After graduating from the course, he worked at a private medical facility in Bac Ninh province and continued the charity work whenever it was launched by the local organisations.

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Tran Tuan Hiep sells the vegetarian food at Thang town, Hiep Hoa district.


The young man was deeply sympathised with the underprivileged cases after travelling to the remote areas and knowing their circumstances. In 2015, Hiep discussed with his friend to establish the “Heart sharing voluntary youth club” in Hiep Hoa district.

At first, the club encountered many difficulties due to the lack of member and expenses for operation. At that time, the low salary Hiep earned from his probationary work was only enough for his basic demand, thus he tried to sell the telephone sim card and borrowed money from his friend to buy a camera to take photo for hire to get more expenses for his living and charity work.

Last year, Hiep hired a place to cook and sell the vegetarian food in Thang town with major customers as older persons. “Though I get not much, I feel happy to share with others,” he said.

To gather more members to the club, He actively posted news and photos about the disadvantaged people on social networks such as Facebook, Zalo, charity and humanitarian websites. Now, the club draws more than 60 members of all ages and social strata.

The club has supported nearly 50 impoverished cases, launched more than 40 journeys to the remote areas, called for donation of over 1.5 billion VND (64,700 USD) in cash and kind for 4 years.

Later on, the club was named “Heart sharing” Club. Its vibrant activities have attracted the social attention including the organization, agencies, youth unions and kind hearted people across the country.

Hiep joyfully said that the club receives the support from many philanthropists. Most of the gifts were donated by the enterprises and kind-hearted people in many provinces and cities.

Depending on the cases and circumstances, the club will have suitable method of support from necessities of blanket, clothes, bed, rice and instant noodle among others. Many needy cases were provided with the expense to build house, repair the kitchen, buy medicine for treatment or presented a saving book.

Love sharing

Hiep revealed that each journey brought back the warm emotion between the club members and the poor and disadvantaged cases. The sharing from the members and kind-hearted people has helped numerous cases have more belief and condition to overcome the challenges in life.

Typically, Nguyen Thi Huyen in Hac Lam village, Huong Lam commune is paralytic and lives in difficulties. She must rely all on her only 6 year old son. The club called for the philanthropist to present her a saving book, build house and buy a wheelchair with total value of 200 million VND (8,600 USD).

Another case is Duong Dinh Trieu in Hoang An commune whose father was passed away. He is living with a mentally disordered mother in miserable condition. The club called for various donation to give him a saving book of over 110 million VND (4,700 USD) to help him continue the school dream.

Giving love, Bac Giang province, beautiful life, Tran Tuan Hiep, Heart sharing club,  charity work, voluntary youth club, warm emotion

“Heart sharing” club present free meal at Hiep Hoa district General Hospital.


Every year, the club helps more than 10 cases, organizes several journeys with many batches of donated goods each worth 20 – 50 million VND (863 – 2,100 USD). Particularly in 2019, the club supported 14 needy cases and held 10 journeys to the remote areas.

Since 2016, each group of 10 – 12 members has come to the home of Tran Van Thanh, Vice Head of the club to prepare the free lunch for patient at Hiep Hoa district General Hospital (some 150 – 200 portions per time) twice per month at any weather condition.

Nearly 40,000 free meals have been handed over to the poor patient for 4 years. In the upcoming time, Hiep will continue coordinating to the high schools to develop the charity clubs to increase the widespread among the youth and students.

In 2019, Hiep was elected Vice Chairman of the Youth Federation in Hiep Hoa district who is in charge of the clubs; member of the district Fatherland Front’s Committee and the provincial Association for Protection of Children’s Rights.

On the summer vacation and weekend, the club mobilizes the voluntary youth to teach free English and life skill to the children in several communes and towns. To date, 62 classes have been organized, drawing nearly 1,500 children.

Tran Tuan Hiep was bestowed with Certificate of Merit by the provincial People’s Committee in 2019 for the excellent achievement in studying and following the thought, morality and character of the late President Ho Chi Minh on the 50th anniversary of implementing his testament.

Thanks to Hiep’s kind heart, all members of the “Heart sharing” club and the philanthropists, many poor people have been supported and shared to overcome the difficulties as well as light up the hope in life.

Nguyen Thi Nga wholeheartedly dedicates for charity work
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(BGO) - Regardless of background, age and occupation; and operating voluntarily, in recent years, charity associations, groups and clubs in Bac Giang province have appeared more and more, thus spreading love in the community.
Boosting up charity work
(BGO) – The Vietnam Red Cross Society has launched the Humanitarian Month in 2019 themed “Connecting, sharing and spreading” across the nation. In response, all levels of the Red Cross Society (RCS) in the northern province of Bac Giang has implemented many activities to boost up the charity campaign and support the needy people.  
Humane Phuong Hoang Charity Club
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(BGO) - On the occasion of the 90th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3,1930-2020), the Youth Union of Bac Giang province honoured 90 outstanding young Party members in learning,  working, creativity and voluntary activities for the community. Bac Giang Newspaper would like to introduce two of them.

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