Dong Quyt, village of villas

Update: 10:00 | 04/02/2019

(BGO)- Dong Quyt village in Tan Moc commune, Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province is home to people originating from Hung Yen province who came to settle in the wildland and establish their business. They have worked hard and strived for a prosperous life in their new homeland. 

The yellow winter sunshine makes the gardens of ripe orange fruits at Dong Quyt village look like in brilliant yellow dye. Vu Duy Binh, Secretary of the Party Committee of the village said, “Orange is grown everywhere, thereby, many households earn some billions VND (some 43,000 USD) per year to build houses and improve the quality of life”.

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A corner at Dong Quyt village.

As visiting Vu Cong Ha’s family, one of the local “orange billionaire”, we gazed at Ha’s property in this remote mountainous area, which makes many people admired. In the tearoom, Ha told us about his childhood when his family settled in this land.

“This house was built 2 years ago with the expense of some 2.5 billion VND (108,000 USD). After it was completed, I used my rest savings to buy 3 acres of land to grow orange”, said Ha. Currently, his family has more than 10 acres of orange growing area earning about 3 billion VND (129,300 USD) per year.

After leaving Ha’s family, we visited Vu Thi Thin’s household when the traders were packaging orange to send a 15-tonne shipment to the South. Since early crop, Thin’s family has sold more than 70 tonnes of sweet orange while the rest 70 tonnes are being harvested until the end of the crop with the profit of more than 2 billion VND (86,168 USD).

We followed Thin to the orange growing area to ask the employees just to harvest ripe oranges with adequate sweetness. Each employee is paid 300,000 VND (12.9 USD) per day. There are wide and concreted pathways to each orange garden. The specialized truck limped to the hills to collect orange to the family’s ground, which helped to save cost and reduce the burden of workers in harvesting seasons.

220 out of 240 households in Dong Quyt village earn some 500 million VND (21,500 USD) per year in which tens of households having the same income as Thin and Ha’s families. Dong Quyt is a popular place for a number of traders from different provinces and cities nationwide. In the peak harvest season, there are 3 or 4 containers purchasing orange right at the gardens excluding retail purchasers.

According to the statistic, the village has only 8 poor households with acute or mental diseased people. As talking about their success, the local people thought it’s like a dream.

Although he is over 90 with nearly 70 years joining the Party Committee, Vu Cong Duong is still strong-minded to talk to us openly. As a member of the district’s Party Committee, Secretary of Minh Phuong communal Party Committee, Tien Lu district, Hung Yen province, he leaded the delegation to take their people to settle and develop their business at Tan Moc commune in 1961 in implementation of the Party’s policy on the movement of building new life in mountainous areas.

As it was not easy to leave their homeland to settle in a new land, the people of Minh Phuong commune encouraged each other to stay. Duong and the delegation stopped at Dong Quyt village because the land here is flat. However, the soil was sandy.

With their diligence, Minh Phuong people, who used to live in a crowded place, treasure each piece of land in this place. He encouraged each other to improve the soil and build dams to take water from small streams for irrigation. Hence, productivity gradually increased. They harvest from 1.3 to 1.6 hundredweights of rice per each 360 square meter of land while some natives gained only some kilos of rice per each crop.

Dong Quyt,  village of villas, Bac Giang province, prosperous life,  orange billionaire, stable economy, high income, new-style rural area

Transporting orange for consumption.

Vu Duy Binh stressed the people have ceaselessly taken initiatives in working. In line with rice and corn, Dong Quyt is among the first localities of the district gaining success in growing sweet orange. The price of orange here is a bit higher than other localities thanks to being cared with special “secret” and high-quality products. Besides, the local people succeeded in creating U Hong lychee, one of the lychee breeds with beautiful outlook, early harvest and high price.

With a stable economy and high income, people of Minh Phuong commune establishing their business in the new homeland of Dong Quyt have joined hands to build the homeland. Up to the present, more than 10 kilometers of road have been concreted. Particularly, some households contributed 100 million (4,300 USD) for the mutual work.

The village always takes the lead in the movements of mutual support for good business and helping the poor. In 2018, the village was chosen to build a new-style rural area in Luc Ngan district with 14 out of criteria have been reached. The new spring is coming. This year, the people in Dong Quyt are happier to prepare for receiving the approval of new-style rural area and celebrating the 58th anniversary of the village establishment.

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