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Update: 20:48 | 29/01/2019

(BGO) - Every day, observing the large amount of waste that is not thoroughly treated, two students of the Lang Giang High School No. 1 have realized a daring idea from raising black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) to turn garbage into organic fertilizer, thus protecting the environment. This project won the first prize at the provincial Science and Technology Contest for high school students in the school year of 2018-2019 in Bac Giang province.

In the last several months, after every afternoon class, Ngo Quoc Huy and Nguyen Manh Toan, students of class 11A1, the Lang Giang High School No. 1 have come back to the corner of black soldier fly breeding. Each person had a job, sometimes feeding the flies, checking the temperature and the growth of larvae, and sometimes recording in the science diary to have research data ... 

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Ngo Quoc Huy and Nguyen Manh Toan watch the growth of black soldier flies.

The duo shared that "At the larval stage, black soldier flies have the ability to handle organic waste to produce useful products. Through studies on the Internet, documents, books and newspapers, we realized the great potential of this direction, so we bravely presented the idea of raising black soldier flies to treat organic waste in Lang Giang district. Fortunately, the school teachers supported us."

Teacher Nguyen Tuan Quang, vice principal of the school, said: “In teaching Chemistry, I realized that Huy and Toan loved scientific discovery. When I listened to them presenting the project, I agreed because it could bring in many benefits such as reducing waste treatment costs, no use of chemicals, and creating organic fertilizer. Fly pupas are a nutritious food for cattle and poultry. Many advanced countries in the world are also studying and applying this method. So I asked my friends to order some black soldier fly eggs to give them to study”.

From the first breeds, Toan and Huy have multiplied them to obtain the results on the growth of black soldier flies in the local climate conditions and the ability to decompose organic waste with different components and products obtained. They made 5 different formulas about substrates which are the most similar to household waste such as organic waste rich in starch, protein, cellulose, natural sugar and attar...

The interesting thing about the black soldier flies is that their larvae are very voracious. They can digest organic ingredients in waste to create humus and produce enzymes to decompose the garbage, not creating odors. But when they grow up, they have no mouth and, of course, do not eat, bite and harm people, plants and domestic animals. 

Their life cycle is about 45 days, in which the larval stage lasts up to 20 days. The most suitable temperature for them is 25-30 degrees Celsius, with humidity of 40-60 percent, so they fully adapt to the natural conditions in Bac Giang. Through four trial batches with 24 kg of organic waste, the students collected more than 4.5 kg of larvae to serve livestock and nearly 4 kg of fertilizer.

Teacher Than Thi Hang, who worked with the two students on the project every day, said: "Not only a scientific project, it also helps the students approach the environmental treatment technology by biological methods. They are able to self-study and associate theory with practice and real life. The initial results serve as a good basis for them to continue their study in accordance with their interests and abilities, as well as apply it in clean agricultural production and environmental protection”.

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