Prosperous image of village Tam Di

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(BGO) – 20 years ago, people in the mountainous village of Tam Di (Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province) lived among numerous difficulties. To realize the dream of poverty escaping, several youths sought ways to work abroad. After a period of time, the success went home to pick up their family and relatives. Thanks to the money sent by the guest workers, the locals open the shop, start up business, build spacious houses…, making a new image of a prosperous and rich village Tam Di as a town. 


Building spacious houses, buying good cars

The village road – the key transport route of Tam Di village is now much widened on the foundation of the old soil road with numerous busy shops and stores such as restaurants, coffee shops, convenient stores, cosmetic shop, utensil shop, hair and nail salon, beauty salon, massage services, karaoke, telephone store, car and motorbikes shop, jewelry shop… located at both sides.

Prosperous image, village Tam Di, Bac Giang province, spacious houses, good cars, labor export, labor cooperation programme, foreign currency

A small corner of Tam Di rural.

Further moving to the village on the smooth concrete road, we saw many high buildings standing close to each other, villas with the red and green roof and hardly eyed the small tile roof houses normally seen in the countryside.

My friend who has worked as a teacher here for a long time said: “It is so surprised when the locals in Tam Di village get rich so quickly, mostly by the money from labor export. Many parents of my students have guided their children to study foreign languages since they are at secondary school because they want them to work overseas after graduating from high school”.

According to Vice Chairman of Tam Di communal People’s Committee Dao Van Quang, the locals have been sent to many countries and territories but mostly to Korea, Taiwan and Japan. The movement to work for Korean market started in 1998 when the families of Thach, Vuong and Khuy in Dai Lam hamlet had the first members to go there to do business. After the success comes, they return to hometown to take the brothers and youngsters that helped open a new way to the communal residents: labor export.

Annually, Tam Di village has many laborers exported to work abroad via the labor cooperation programme between the Vietnamese Government and other countries or scholarship and relative visit. Sometimes, there were over 2,000 cases that are the highest number in the province.

To date, 1,760 local people have been employed to work in foreign countries. Almost all families have at least 1 members to work abroad, particularly in Korea including the family of Soan and Sang in Trai Dang hamlet with 6 – 8 people (4 son and 4 daughters in law), family of Thach in Dai Lam has 6 people (daughters in law and sons in law), family of Thang in Thanh Gia hamlet has 5 people.

At the peak month, the foreign currency sent to the village reached nearly 20 billion VND (over 862,000 USD). In 2018, the average income of the locals hit 51 million VND (nearly 2,200 USD). Dozens of households have villas and there are 100 cars in the village.

Unsalty sweat

“It is not easy to get money in Korea or Japan to send home. We need to work industriously, save from a little thing and even pour the sweat and tear to have the current life,” Nguyen Huy Tuan (born in 1975) in Thanh Gia hamlet shared.

Prosperous image, village Tam Di, Bac Giang province, spacious houses, good cars, labor export, labor cooperation programme, foreign currency

Nguyen Huy Tuan in Thanh Gia hamlet starts up business at the hometown after over 6 years working abroad.

In the two storey building with many luxurious utensils, he told us: “I was sent to Korea in September 2011 to work at a thermal treatment enterprise. We had a chance to work in a dynamic and high professional environment with a strict rule. A small carelessness could lead to unintended consequences. In return, I got a monthly salary of about 36 million VND (over 1,500 USD)”.

After 6 years and 1month working continuously at the factory, in December 2017 Tuan decided to return home. “I always highly respect the earned money. Thus, returning from Korea, I carefully consider finding a career to live on because a fool and his money are easily parted”. Then he launched the hiring service of tent, cookware and bowl, speakers… as well as bought a car worth over 500 million VND (over 21,500 USD) for renting.

For a happier spring

Thanks to the foreign currency sent from the guest workers, Tam Di rural has changed day by day with more and more dynamic and prosperous lifestyle. Particularly, on the occasion of Lunar New Year, these expatriated persons come back to the homeland, helping to excite the environment through the communication of the neighbors.

Besides, they bring back many foreign specialties as gifts. With the people working in Korea, the ginseng, ginseng candy, rice cake, Soju wine are a must present. Additionally, kimchi, kimbap, Korean noodles and others are the food and dishes the sisters often cook in the Tet feast.

Each occasion of going home, they also contribute the patriotism affection and money to build the cultural house. Last year, nearly 300 million VND (nearly 13,000 USD) was donated to preserve Dong Thinh Communal house – a national cultural relics and other activities. They are the ones who help connect the cozy and vital spring of nature and country.


Yokoi Mould company nurtures Vietnam and Japan Friendship
(BGO) - 2018 marked the 10th year Yokoi Mould Vietnam Company Limited (Yokoi Mould) investing in Bac Giang province. Over the past 10 years, Yokoi Mould has not only ceaselessly developed its production and created stable jobs for laborers, the company has also carried out many activities contributing to deepening the friendship between Vietnam and Japan. 
Japanese firms seek to recruit Vietnamese labourers
An exchange programme between enterprises operating in Japan’s Aichi prefecture and international students took place at the University of Nagoya last weekend as part of Japan’s recruitment activities.
Vietnam, South Korea sign MoU on labor export program
Qualified Vietnamese workers would be able to find work in South Korea under the program for another two years.
Training cooperation boosted between Bac Giang and Republic of Korea
(BGO) – Aiming at expanding the study opportunities, improving students’ qualification and profession, the Bac Giang Industrial Technology College’s Board of Administration has inked the training cooperation programme with Kwangju Women’s University and Honam University (Republic of Korea - RoK).
Vietnam – Korea Vocational College of Technology ranks 1 grade
(BGO) – The Bac Giang provincial Chairman of the People’s Committee has decided to rank 1st grade to the Vietnam – Korea Vocational College of Technology (VK-Tech) in Dinh Tri commune (Bac Giang city).

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