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Update: 08:38 | 01/12/2018

(BGO) – The annual Action month for the poor is a major campaign the northern province of Bac Giang, calling for various sources to organize several activities to care for the needy cases. Each small gift not only provides the poor with the belief and opportunity to overcome the life challenges but also glorifies the solidarity tradition, as well as the spirit of “the leaves, protect the tattered ones”. 


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Numerous ways to appeal and mobilize sources

The campaigns of Day for the poor and Action month for the poor have been launched by Vietnam Fatherland Front’s Central Committee since 2000. To date, the event’s humane meaning has strongly spread in the community with a due attention from the Party and State authorities of all levels, particularly the Fatherland Front systems from provincial to grassroots levels.

Sharing love, giving opportunity, Bac Giang province, Action month for the poor, Day for the poor, disadvantaged household, Fatherland Front,  humanitarian activities

Local representatives donate to the “Fund for the poor” in the launching ceremony of Action month for the poor in 2018.

The various contributions from the agencies, enterprises and kind-hearted people in the province, Bac Giang people living outside the province and foreign organizations among others have partly shared the difficulties with the poor and helped them improve their living standard. Taking the role of inspiring the solidarity strength, the Fatherland Front of all levels in each locality have creative methods to mobilize the utmost sources to hold the humanitarian activities.

According to the provincial FFC, as of November 26, the “Fund for the poor” of all levels received nearly 9 billion VND (386,000 USD). Several big donors are Bac Giang city, Viet Yen district, Lang Giang district, Bac Giang Garment Joint Stock Company, Tuan Mai Trade Joint Stock Company, Ha Bac Export Garment Joint Stock Company, Habac Nitrogenous Fertilizer and Chemicals Joint Stock Company among others. The donated amount was higher at three levels comparing to the same period last year.

In the Action month for the poor this year, Fatherland Front’s Committee (FFC) in Lang Giang district achieved a higher appealing result against the same period last year. According to Vice Chairman of the district FFC Dong Van Dien, the local FFC closely coordinated with the associations and organizations to propagandize the execution plan in the regular meetings while the officers and members were encouraged to donate to the campaign first to set the bright example.

Additionally, the grassroots level reviewed to firmly seize the actual living condition, publicly announce the list of disadvantaged households on the loudspeaker systems of the commune and town as well as proposed the suitable support method.

Also, it was the first time the Organization Board of the Luc Ngan fair for orange, pomelo and signature products has ever held the Auction of first prize fruits to donate to the poor. Vice Chairman of the district People’s Committee Truong Van Nam said: “On the occasion, the district raised over 50 million VND (over 2,100 USD) to present to the local disadvantaged households. The local authority will further research a flexible application so as to promote the best efficiency of this new method”.

Thorough elimination of temporary and dilapidated houses

In 2018, the FFCs of all levels mobilized the donations from the agencies, enterprises and individuals to build and repair 492 solidarity houses worth more than 8 billion VND (over 343,000 USD) while 450 new houses for the poor will be the target set by the provincial FFC under the themed “thorough elimination of temporary and dilapidated housed in 2019”.

Sharing love, giving opportunity, Bac Giang province, Action month for the poor, Day for the poor, disadvantaged household, Fatherland Front,  humanitarian activities

The local Fatherland Front and organizations support to build the solidarity house for Phung Thi Thuy (born in 1958) in Dong Giot hamlet, Bac Ly commune (Hiep Hoa district).

Particularly, a solidarity house was handed over to Nguyen Thi Bui (born in 1955) in Duc Quang hamlet, Bich Dong town (Viet Yen district) in last August thanks to the support of the FFCs of all levels. Bui is a single old woman with regular sickness who used to live in a severely damaged house. Acknowledging her circumstance, the FFC in Bich Dong town not only proposed a support from the district FFC but also called for her relatives, neighbors, branches and organizations to give Bui a hand.

Hence, a new bungalow was built on an area of 40 square meters with a total cost of nearly 120 million VND (over 5,100 USD), including 20 million VND (857 USD) supported by the district FFC, 5 million VND (214 USD) given by the town FFC and the remaining amount donated by the her relatives and descendants.

According to Chairman of the provincial FFC Tran Cong Thang, though the Action month for the poor was launched from October 17 till November 18, it is not fixed within one month. The humanitarian journey to help the needy cases will continue and really needs to have the donation from the whole community.

The provincial FFC will further boost up the communication to attract the attention of all levels, sectors, enterprises, officers, soldiers and people from all strata to strive for higher donation comparing to last year figure while effectively managing and using the Fund for the poor.

Besides, the grassroots levels are urged to collaborate with the labor sector to review and seize the living condition of each poor household to select the right case for a suitable support method. Particularly, supporting the poor under specific address should be widely spread toward special difficult groups such as lonely single old persons, people with disabilities or those with unexpected bad luck.


Good deed for poor workers
(BGO) – The Labor Federation in the northern province of Bac Giang has recently held a programme to present gifts to the disadvantaged members of the trade union in Binh Nguyen Garment Company Limited in Bich Son commune (Viet Yen district) within the framework of welfare programme for the trade unionists.
Vietnamese businessman turns ambulance driver for the poor
Identifying with the plight of those taking motorbike taxis to hospitals, one man decided to make a difference.
Bac Giang city launches Action Month for the Poor
(BGO) – The Fatherland Front’s Committee in Bac Giang city on October 9 launched the Action Month for the Poor, lasting from October 17 to November 18 when all organizations, agencies and enterprises are appealed to join hand to help the poor and families with special difficult circumstances to improve their living standard.
Action month to call for joint efforts to support the poor
An action month calling for the joint efforts of the entire country to support the poor will be launched in Hanoi, on October 10, by the Vietnam Father Front's Central Committee.
Miss Ngoc Han joins Bac Giang’s youth in walking for the poor
(BGO) – The Secretary Board of Youth Federation’s Committee in the northern province of Bac Giang cooperated with the provincial Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (Youth Union) to hold a walk event of “Youth for the community” on the morning of October 14 to call for donation to the youth and teenagers with special difficult circumstances in response to Action Month for the Poor in 2018. 
Over 47 billion VND donated to the poor
(BGO) – The Standing Board of the Bac Giang provincial Fatherland Front’s Committee (PFFC), the Board in charge of calling for fundraising to the poor and Bac Giang Radio and Television Station on the evening of October 16 co-organized the “Cozy House for the poor” Gala and launched the Action Month for the poor in 2018.

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