Disabled young man Nguyen Minh Nhat: Changing fate with one finger

Update: 09:01 | 03/11/2018

(BGO) - Overcoming the harsh fate, Nguyen Minh Nhat (born in 1980) in Khanh Van village, Doan Bai commune (Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province) has made many people admire his will when he triumphs over disability and masters his life.


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Overcoming fate

After graduating from the Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Nguyen Minh Nhat worked for a company under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. When he just got married for over a month and was studying for a master's degree, he suddenly had a traffic accident. 

Disabled young man, Nguyen Minh Nhat, Changing fate, one finger, Bac Giang province, traffic accident, spinal injury, air ticket sales, village teacher

Nguyen Minh Nhat and his mother.

He woke up in the hospital, with his full body becoming immobile because of spinal injury. After nearly one year of treatment in many central-level hospitals, Nhat returned home. All of his activities needed relatives’ help. Every day, he had to struggle with pain and could not speak and move, making him desperate.

He did not want to lie still so he asked his father to make a gymnastic kit and every day he spent time practising by splinting his neck on a pulley and using a stone bag to stretch the cervical vertebrae and muscles. Nhat began to learn how to speak. His hands were more flexible and he can raise them.The accident not only robbed Nhat of health but also made his family financially exhausted. This prompted him to do something even when he was paralyzed. 

In 2008, his relative’s house got connected to the Internet, Nhat asked his mother to search for jobs on the Internet. After thorough consideration, he found that the most suitable job for him is selling air tickets and he self-printed posters on his service, and then asked his parents to hang them in the communes and township in the district. 

Understanding customer psychology, many nights he did not sleep to hunt cheap tickets for customers. He also asked his relatives to hang posters on his service in the southern province of Binh Duong to lure customers who come home in the north for Tet (Lunar New Year). 

As a result, the monthly revenue from air ticket sales ranged from 300 to 400 million VND. In the summer months, the figure reached up to 600 million VND, earning him 5-10 million VND per month.

While selling air tickets, Nhat read the ads selling hair online and his family has become a hair buying agent. With just one finger moving, the hair business of his hometown has reached the markets of Russia, the Republic of Korea and South Africa ... Some months, Nhat earned several tens of millions of VND from hair selling.

Inspiring others on living energy

As the whole body is immovable and only with words, no one can think that over the past more than 10 years, Nguyen Minh Nhat has been confident to become a "village teacher" who transmits knowledge to dozens of children in the village and the commune. 

Life has taken a lot of things from Nhat, but with his will, he believes that once again life will make his burning dreams come true, as it has given him a gift of life – a lovely son.

In 2006, when his hands were able to flip over, he taught math, physics, chemistry and English for several nephews whose knowledge remained limited. After just a few years, all of them obtained the title of good students at school and district levels. Especially, some got the first prize at the provincial level and the second prize in the national English contest.

As his activities have been widely known, many families in the village and the commune have asked Nhat to tutor their children. His class is special like himself. Every lecture is through his words. The teacher is sometimes busy with practising with the pulley, while the students of all ages from the primary to high schools do calculations and read English under the guidance of the teacher.

It is the energy and will of a special teacher have inspired the students to have positive attitude. Up to now, Nhat has provided free lessons in preparation for university entrance exam for nearly 100 students, almost half of whom achieved the title of good pupils at district level upwards and passed the university entrance exam.

Over the past 13 years, Nguyen Minh Nhat has kept his dreams of once holding his son in his arms and standing on his feet with the help of a skeleton. He created the blog Spinalcornguyenminhnhat.wordpres with the slogan: "I share means I exist". 

Nhat said "No one has the right to choose fate, but each person has the right to choose his or her way of life. Therefore, I always try to adapt and above all, lead a useful life”.

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