New rural area, new vitality

Update: 09:47 | 30/10/2018

(BGO) – “New rural area, new vitality" is not just a slogan, but really brings a new lease of life to every village. Being the first new rural district of Bac Giang province, Viet Yen is flourishing from this revolution.

Related newsNew rural area, new vitality, Bac Giang province, new-style rural building,  political system, emulation movements, priority tasks, solidarity groups, inconvenient farming lots, social order and safety
Six years ago, implementing the national target programme on new-style rural building, the Standing Board of the Viet Yen Party Committee issued Resolution No. 178-NQ/HU, which aims to obtain the new-style rural district status by 2020.
New rural area, new vitality, Bac Giang province, new-style rural building,  political system, emulation movements, priority tasks, solidarity groups, inconvenient farming lots, social order and safety

Road in Thuong village, Bich Son commune.

To achieve this goal, the whole political system in the district urgently jumped on the bandwagon by launching emulation movements. Party committees, authorities, the Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations from district to grassroots level focused on leading, directing and promptly issuing resolutions and decisions, as well as making implementation plans suitable for specific conditions of each locality, with the priority tasks done first.

Recognizing that new-style rural building is the right, macro policy but for it to come to the people, is supported by the people and implemented successfully at the grassroots levels, it depends much on the thinking of local leaders, officials and Party members. 

Secretary of the district Party Committee and Chairman of the district People's Committee Le O Pich said: the best way to convince the people is that officials must set an example. Only when officials and Party members are enthusiastic in the movement, pioneer in all jobs and set an example, they can encourage the people to follow. 

To do so, the Standing Board of the district Party Committee has assigned members of the district Party Committee in charge of communes, and the communal Party committees have assigned its members to take responsibility for Party cells. In each village, Party members are assigned with specific tasks under the motto: "Members of the Party Committees in charge of villages, Party members in charge of solidarity groups."

At the age of 59, Tran Thi Canh, Secretary of the Party cell in Ren village, Minh Duc commune still works hard and actively participates in social activities. Being the Secretary of the Party cell in a village with 553 people, including two thirds being Catholics, and six Party members, she has come to the Catholic households for many time to persuade them to join the new-style rural building.

"To get the people’s trust, I have to set an example," Canh said when taking me to her family’s guava field: "This land is the lowest and worst in the village so no one received it. Six years ago, I volunteered to get the land and worked hard to plant 400 guava trees. Two years later, the guava trees yielded fruits, about 100 kg per day. I have guava to sell every day. The people here admire my guava field. Several sao (360sq.m) of watermelon around here are too. I also pioneered in planting them, earning an income 5-7 times higher than rice cultivation. Taking me as an example, I persuaded local farmers to shift to crops with high economic value. I feel very happy when people follow me."

As Vice Secretary of the Party cell in Ram village, Tu Lan commune, Nguyen Van Huan recalled the time when deploying the exchange of small farming lots for large ones in the village. Initially, only 65 out of 234 households agreed to do. When persuading them, they said “We are accustomed to such way of farming, now changing makes us lose jobs, consumes much time and makes us tired."

It took us a lot of time to come to each household to persuade. When they agreed, the Party cell and authorities of the village were worried about how to divide the land lots to ensure fairness for all people... So the families of officials and Party members volunteered to receive inconvenient farming lots.

By doing so, last May, the whole district had all communes recognized by the Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee as meeting new-style rural area standards. All nine criteria for a new-style rural district under the Prime Minister's decision were also completed, two years earlier than the target set by the resolution. 

New rural area, new vitality, Bac Giang province, new-style rural building,  political system, emulation movements, priority tasks, solidarity groups, inconvenient farming lots, social order and safety

Vice Secretary of the Party cell in Ram village, Tu Lan commune Nguyen Van Huan directs the construction of the village cultural house.

The rural face of the district has many changes, reaching the goal: "Economic development, wealthy life, civilized villages, stable security and democratic management." All communal and inter-communal roads have been asphalted and there are no muddy roads in the rainy season. The irrigation system ensures sufficient water for production. All of the communes have multi-purpose cultural houses and sports facilities. 

Per capita income is estimated at 36 million VND (over 1,500 USD) per year, 2.3 times higher than before the new-style rural building. The rate of poor households is more than 4.2 percent. Landscape and environment are paid due attention. People’s spiritual and cultural lives have been improved while social order and safety have been ensured...

Every village in Viet Yen today flourishes. The people not only agree to contribute 212.4 billion VND (9 million USD) to building essential works but also know how to develop the economy, keep village solidarity and promote the traditional cultural values of the locality. The new rural areas with new vitality are present in the heroic land of Viet Yen.


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The implementation of the 10th Party Central Committee’s Resolution 26-NQ/TW on agriculture, farmers and rural areas in the past decade has brought about marked achievements, said Politburo member and head of the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission Nguyen Van Binh.
Efforts urged to build new-style rural areas in disadvantaged villages
Deputy Prime Minister, Vuong Dinh Hue, chaired a national conference in the northern mountainous province of Dien Bien on July 27, to discuss the programme on building new-style rural areas in disadvantaged hamlets and villages nationwide.
More than one-third of communes become new-style rural areas
Vietnam has to date had 3,370 communes, or 37.76 percent of the total, recognized as new-style rural areas, according to the Central Coordination Office for New Styled Rural Development.
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About 52% of residents in rural areas of Hanoi, more than 2.23 million people, had access to clean water by May 2018, according to the municipal Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.
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Private libraries, which have been established by individuals in rural areas over the past few years, are providing free access for local people and encouraging reading among children.

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