Grade 5 students design smart cradle

Update: 18:59 | 03/10/2018

(BGO) - With the wish to help families raising small babies to save their efforts and improve the quality of the babies’ sleep, two Grade 5 students namely Dang Ho Minh Nhat from Ngo Si Lien Primary School and Nguyen Hung Vu from Le Hong Phong Primary School (Bac Giang city) have together designed a smart cradle.

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The designers shared that every day, witnessing parents spending much time and efforts caring for their babies, they came up with the idea of designing a smart cradle. 

Grade 5 students, smart cradle, small babies, Dang Ho Minh Nhat,  Ngo Si Lien Primary School, Nguyen Hung Vu, Le Hong Phong Primary School,

The cradle, designed by Dang Ho Minh Nhat and Nguyen Hung Vu.

It consists of two main parts: the cradle frame made of metal rods and wooden blades to ensure the environmental friendliness and low cost, and the equipment to operate the cradle with the circuit board, vibration and temperature sensors, alarm bell, memory card, fan, loudspeaker and electric wire. The cradle uses 12V DC power source, thus ensuring safety.

Thanks to the vibration sensor, the cradle can determine whether a baby is awake or sleeping. If the baby moves constantly in case of awakening, the cradle will automatically send a signal to the adult.

The cradle is also set to automatically turn on the fan or warming machine when the temperature rises or decreases through the temperature sensor mounted on the cradle, and ring the alarm bell to let adults know when the child does not want to lie anymore.

In addition, the cradle can play music with multiple options, depending on the user's desire. It easily moves on different terrains or can be disassembled. To design this smart cradle, in addition to referring to information on the Internet, the students also asked for their parents’ help with frame making, assembling and paint spraying...

At present, there are a number of smart cradle products in the market but they reveal some limitations such as: unable to disassemble flexibly bulkiness and high price ... 

"We have thoroughly analyzed strong and weak points of those products to make a suitable cradle, "said Dang Ho Minh Nhat, one of the designers. When studying in Grade 2, Nhat and Vu participated in many models of scientific practice and experience at the school.

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