Love of fellow countrymen in foreign land

Update: 16:01 | 29/09/2018

(BGO) – Being sick for the homeland and family, and facing difficulties in work and life are the common feelings of many Bac Giang people when working abroad. From this situation, the Associations of Bac Giang Fellow Countrymen in some countries and territories have been set up, becoming the "common houses" for guest workers.

In 2015, Phung Van Trong, a native of Dong Viet commune (Yen Dung district), came to Taiwan to work. In the early days after landing in Taiwan, everything is strange to him. He was not fluent in the foreign language. Fortunately, Trong received help from some friends who introduced him to the Association of Bac Giang Fellow Countrymen in Taiwan. 

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Association of Bac Giang Fellow Countrymen in Taiwan in a meeting.

The wholehearted advice of the experienced Vietnamese here helped him ease his homesick and feel secure in work. Understanding the feelings of workers away from home, since joining the association, Trong has been participating in activities enthusiastically and responsibly. As a result, in April 2018, Phung Van Trong was elected as the association’s chairman.

It is known that the Association of Bac Giang Fellow Countrymen in Taiwan was established in 2012 with the purpose of connecting Vietnamese guest workers and offering a venue for them to share information, help and encourage each other during working and studying here.

Due to the lack of conditions to meet regularly, the activities of the association are mainly through a Facebook account named "Association of Bac Giang Fellow Countrymen in Taiwan." Since its establishment, the number of people registering for membership has continuously increased, now hitting more than 6,200.

Every two years, the association organizes a meeting in each region by rotation. In addition, the association regularly organizes fundraising activities to help members in difficult circumstances.

Last August, Ha Thi Ngoc, a native of An Ha commune (Lang Giang district), who works in Taoyuan, was reported to meet an accident and be hospitalized, Information about Ngoc's situation was quickly shared by the association’s chairman, Phung Van Trong, on Facebook. He asked for help from the community. 

As a result, after only a short time, the association mobilized 20,000 TWD (about 15 million VND or 640 USD) to help her to cover treatment costs. Now, Ngoc has overcome the dangerous condition. Since the beginning of the year, the association has raised nearly 100 million VND (4,290 USD) to help four Bac Giang people facing difficulties.

Macau (China) is home to hundreds of Bac Giang workers. In May 2016, the Association of Bac Giang Fellow Countrymen here was founded with nearly 200 members, mainly female workers. Not only helping each other, despite living overseas, they always look towards the homeland. 

Responding to the “Tet for the Poor” campaign in 2017 and 2018 launched by the provincial Fatherland Front Committee, the association raised money to help needy children and the poor in Lang Giang, Yen The and Tan Yen districts. Each time the association presented 120-150 gift packages (300,000 VND each).

In recent years, labor cooperation between Vietnam and foreign countries and territories has been continuously expanded, providing more opportunities for laborers to work abroad. In countries and territories such as the Republic of Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Macau, the communities of Bac Giang people are very crowded. 

Groups and associations of fellow countrymen have selected prestigious, responsible and experienced persons to take over the role as information coordinators. Besides spiritual support, these associations are also a "channel" to share and disseminate useful legal information, helping members to promptly grasp and fully follow regulations.

Notably, the Association of Bac Giang Fellow Countrymen in Macau now sees nearly half of its members having their stable economic conditions after a few years of working. Many intend to return home after their contracts expire. 

Ma Thi Thin Nga, Chairwoman of the provincial Red Cross Society, said that the groups and associations of fellow countrymen overseas serve as a bridge for human kindness. Their meaningful activities once again affirmed the tradition of solidarity and sharing of people from Bac Giang province in particular and Vietnam in all regions.

Hai Van

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