Nguyen Tung Lam – talented math student

Update: 15:17 | 14/06/2018

(BGO) – Thanks to the special passion on math and an appropriate method of learning, Nguyen Tung Lam, a student at 9A1 class in Le Quy Don secondary school (Bac Giang city) has gained high academic achievements. 

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Nguyen Tung Lam (right) and his class teacher Do Van Hoan.

Lam has been recognized as an excellent student for 9 consecutive years. He was selected to the honor class in all grades of the primary school. In the secondary school, Lam has won many high prizes in the Excellent Students Contest of all levels, including the first prize in sixth-grade math, second prize in seventh-grade math and first prize in eighth-grade math at the municipal level competition.

Also in the eighth grade, Tung Lam earned another silver trophy at the National Online Math Competition and Childhood Math Exchange while continuously bringing the glory to his school with the first prize in Math at the provincial Contest for Excellent Student in the academic year 2017 – 2018.

Sharing about the studying trick to gain high results, Nguyen Tuan Lam revealed in an open-minded manner: “To well study the subjects, especially the mathematics, I focus on listening to teacher’s lesson in the class and searching for several reference books or advanced exercises on the Internet. At home, I arrange the study and entertainment time suitably, avoiding staying awaked too late that causes severe impact on the health. When firmly grasp the knowledge, I keep the most comfortable spirit to overcome the examination”.

Born in a basic family with a public-servant father and housewife mother, Tung Lam is always facilitated and encouraged by his parents on studying. He informed of his early passion for maths. Even he can spend hours on dealing with the hard exercises.

Personally, Lam is inspired by the rigid numbers to seek for math solution method and practice the logical thinking. He has never neglected other subjects because he knows how to arrange the time appropriately with his own way of studying. Besides the study, Lam divided time to entertain himself, play sports and help his parent do some housework.

When being asked about Nguyen Tung Lam, teacher Do Van Hoan who is in charge of 9A1 class and the form teacher of the Maths talented team in Le Quy Don secondary school said: “Tung Lam owns a good way of thinking, especially in math. Apart from class learning, he usually searches by himself for various forms of exercises in the reference book and on the Internet; thus his knowledge of subjects is thorough and diverse”.

These days, Tung Lam takes time on relaxation before starting the high school grade to keep conquering the new peak of knowledge.

Lai Thuy

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