Bac Giang honours exemplary, innovative workers

Update: 17:25 | 10/05/2018

(BGO) – Through several emulation campaigns, Bac Giang has recorded various examples of workers with high productivity and innovative ideas. They have contributed to not only raising the business and production outcome of their enterprises but also to enhance the image of dynamic innovative workers and civil servants.


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Ngo The Manh (right) guides workers in the group to handle measurement and assembly techniques.

Efforts to conquer difficulties

Graduating from the College of Industrial Technology in 2009 with a major in mechatronics, Ngo The Manh, born in 1976, has worked at different manufacturing facilities. In 2011, he joined the Thong Nhat Service and Trade JSC (Lang Giang district). “At first, I was confused by too many modern machines at the company, but the difficulty turned out to be a motivation for me to learn and struck ideas that helped boost productivity,” Manh said.

Among Manh’s various ideas, we were most impressed by the initiative on making 45-degree cut mold for wood pattern steel doors. In 2016, the company invested in a production line of wood pattern steel doors. Manh and his colleagues were in charge of the new system. Manh was quick to invent specialized molds that address all shortcomings of the machine while reducing manufacturing time to 2 minutes from 15 minutes. The molds also helped reduce the rate of substandard products to 0.5 percent from 2 percent, saving over 240 million VND for the company on an annual basis.

“Thanks to Manh’s idea, our wood pattern steel doors has secured a strong foothold in the market and won consumers’ favour,” said Director of Thong Nhat Service and Trade JSC Nguyen Van Thong.

Each idea that put in operation effectively provides encouragement for Manh to move forward on his creative path. His numerous ideas, such as a spray painting robot, and improved conveyor belt in manufacturing fire-proof steel doors, had reduced manual rate, costs, and boosted productivity and product quality.

In 2017, he received a certificate of merit from the Chairman of Bac Giang People’s Committee for his innovation. Recently, he was nominated among three candidates of the Vietnamese Trade Unions’ Nguyen Duc Canh awards.

Ideas for better service for patients

Bac Giang province, exemplary model, innovative workers, emulation campaigns, high productivity, innovative ideas, production outcome, substandard products

Doctor Nguyen Thi Hoa provides checkup for expectant mothers and infants.

“Full dedication to patients” is what Nguyen Thi Hoa, deputy head of the Obstetrics Department at the Bac Giang Obstetrics – Paediatrics Hospital, has done for people under her care for years. Despite the stressful hospital environment, she always treats her patients with care and joy.

Graduating from the Thai Nguyen Medical University in 2005, Hoa was appointed to work at the hospital. To meet the requirements of her job, she spent a lot of time reading and learning from co-workers. Acknowledging Hoa’s sustained efforts, the director of the hospital promoted Hoa to deputy head of the Obstetrics Department in 2015. No matter how busy she was, Hoa worked with high responsibility and proposed to the department and executive board the measures for improved treatment. Her department has always fulfilled its target and made almost no mistake in handling emergency cases.

To reduce obstetrical accidents, Doctor Nguyen Thi Hoa unceasingly researched and learned from experts to propose new treatment methods. In an effort to reduce time of labour and dangerous side effects for expectant mothers and infants, in 2014, she started a research project on evaluating results of oxytocin transfusion for women reaching full months of pregnancy whose water breaks early. The research result has been efficiently applied in the hospital.

Not only having a strong passion for her job and producing creative ideas, the female doctor also provides support to her younger colleagues in surgery and training for interns, while actively engaging in social activities. Hoa is currently a member of the young doctor association of the province, which provides frequent health checkups and counseling for disadvantaged people.

Many solutions benefiting business

Bac Giang province, exemplary model, innovative workers, emulation campaigns, high productivity, innovative ideas, production outcome, substandard products

Giap Van Tuan keeps on learning and proposing new solutions benefitting his company.

In 2013, after graduating from the National University of Civil Engineering, majoring in water dredging, Giap Van Tuan, born 1989, began his work at the Bac Giang Clean Water company. As a member of the Technical Department, Tuan spent a lot of time studying machines used by the company and learning from experiences of colleagues to control the machines and put forward new ideas.

Tuan has introduced dozens of technical improvements, raising output and efficiency of the work as well as reducing costs, which has earned him the title “idea person”.

His very first idea was a research project to recalculate parameters to raise capacity of the company’s pumping station from 25,000 to 35,000 cubic metres per day and night. He worked day and night to research statistics and technical indicators related to the plant’s operation.

Then, instead of choosing equipment from a foreign firm, Tuan suggested using pumps made by the Hai Duong pump manufacturing company, which meet the company’s demand at a much cheaper cost. Thanks to his proposal, the company saved more than 200 million VND (8,785 USD) and completed raising the pumping plant’s capacity three months ahead of the plan.

Another idea of Tuan on building one more pipeline for untreated water in 2017 has earned praise from leaders of the company. “Tuan’s practical ideas have contributed to the emulation movement of the whole company, improving product quality and the company’s prestige”, said Ly Ba Manh, Chairman of the Labour Union of the company.

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