Families in Bac Giang encouraged to join blood donation movements

Update: 16:01 | 09/05/2018

(BGO) – For many years, the northern province of Bac Giang has been one of the leading cities and provinces in the north in blood donation movements thanks to the active contribution of blood donation families.


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Mr Dong Phu Canh (first, right) and members of his family have actively participated in the blood donation movement.

All family members donate blood

Residents in An Ha (Lang Giang) often call family of Mr Dong Phu Canh (80 years old) in Hamlet 1 as “the blood donation family”. Canh has eight children and most of them work in agriculture. They are very active in donating blood. His sons namely Dong Phu Phong and Dong Phu Truong have donated their blood for five times while his daughter-in-law Lam Thi Nhi donated blood for four times, and his grandchildren Dong Thi Lua four times and Dong Phu Nam once. To date, all members of Canh’s family have donated 21 units of blood.

Apart from more than 30 teams with over 1,700 volunteers of the blood donation mobilisation club, about 100 families with two to six members in the province are taking part in the movement. Each of these families has donated over 10 blood units on average. They include the families of Ms Nguyen Thi Quy in Phuc Hoa commune, Tan Yen district (donating blood for 40 times); Mr Nguyen Duy Dong of Phi Dien commune, Luc Ngan district (30 times); and Ms Duong Thao Nguyen of Tien Son commune, Viet Yen district (23 times).

Despite his old age and being not eligible for blood donation, Canh still actively encourages his children to join blood donation campaigns. For many years, whenever donating blood, Canh’s oldest son Dong Phu Phong often used his motorbike to carry volunteers in the commune to blood donation places.

“We contribute money to hold a warm party, where we share our blood donation stories to save people. Gradually this has become a familiar topic that helps connect families, neighbourhood and spread to the community,” Phong said.

According to the Red Cross Society in An Ha, the commune has over 20 families with two to six blood donators. More than 60 people have donated from twice to 20 times, while seven family lines donated 20 units of blood or more than that.

Although socio-economic conditions in Luc Ngan mountainous district remain difficult and many locals are reluctant to donate blood, the family of Mr Ho Cong Trieu, which consists of three members – his wife and son - in Nghia Ho commune usually participates in blood donation campaigns. Trieu himself has donated blood for 24 times. As President of the district’s Red Cross Society, he always sets an example in joining humanitarian activities.

Bac Giang province, blood donation movements, leading cities, active contribution, blood donation families,  units of blood, Red Cross Society, financial aid

Mr Ho Cong Trieu and his wife take part in a blood donation event.

Many generations in the family line of Ho Cong have donated nearly 100 units of blood to the provincial blood back-up. Not only participating in blood donation at festivals and fixed locations, individuals from Trieu’s family and Ho Cong family line are core members of the local blood donation team.

Blood donation movement expands in community

Bac Giang successfully encouraged only more than 100 people to donate blood in 2005, when the province’s blood donation campaign began. It has continually taken the lead among northern provinces and cities in the work’s outcomes over the past years. There have been over 10,000 people donating blood annually in the last five years, adding about 9,000 blood units to blood supply for medical treatment.

Bac Giang province, blood donation movements, leading cities, active contribution, blood donation families,  units of blood, Red Cross Society, financial aid

The local blood donation movement has attracted a large number of people.

Finishing the 2018 Red Spring Festival, the province’s steering board for blood donation mobilisation and the Red Cross Society’s chapters at all levels had organised 12 blood donation events, receiving nearly 5,600 blood units – up 59 percent from the set target. Those outstanding outcomes were greatly attributed to the expansion of the “blood donation family” model.

Ms Ma Thi Thin Nga, Chairwoman of the Red Cross Society of Bac Giang province, said maintaining and expanding the “blood donation family” model is the most effective solution to promote this voluntary activity. Aside from honouring exemplary persons and families every year, the province’s steering board will organise meetings of blood donors and patients so as to encourage more support for the movement.

The Red Cross Society will also order its members to take the lead in the blood donation movement while further persuading local authorities to provide financial aid for blood donation events, she added.

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