Bac Giang determined to make breakthroughs, successfully fulfill set goals

Update: 08:59 | 30/12/2022

(BGO) - There are only a few days left until the new year of 2023. Looking back at the past year, the Party Committee, authorities and people of Bac Giang province are pleased with the results achieved and draw valuable lessons and experiences in carrying out socio-economic development tasks, thereby fixing limitations and weaknesses, helping Bac Giang further develop in the coming years.

Comprehensive socio-economic restoration

Amid difficulties and challenges, in order to complete the goals set for 2022, the Party Committee and administration of Bac Giang province have been very flexible and proactive in leading, directing, and implementing many solutions drastically, at the right time, and in line with reality, with focus on removing bottlenecks and creating favorable conditions for development.

Bac Giang province, make breakthroughs, successfully fulfill set goals, valuable lessons, socio-economic development tasks, 19th provincial Party Congress

Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Le Anh Duong hands over a memorandum of understanding on investment cooperation with CapitaLand Group of Singapore in the witness of President Nguyen Xuan Phuc in February 2022.

Firstly, the provincial People's Committee focused on directing the acceleration of the progress of infrastructure projects in industrial zones and clusters to create clean land funds to attract investment. It regularly grasped the project implementation for timely handling of difficulties and problems.

Currently, many large enterprises wish to invest in Bac Giang province. In the past year, we have completed planning documents for 15 industrial zones (IZ) in the list of priorities for implementation in the 2022-2025 period and approved investment plans for two new industrial zones and two expanded ones. We have also proposed approving investment plans for three new and one expanded industrial zones as well as merging two IZs into one. This will be the premise to continue to strongly develop the local industry in the years to come.

Defining infrastructure as a breakthrough in development, the province has gathered many resources for construction investment, quickly improving its infrastructure system. In particular, transport infrastructure continued to see clear changes, with work beginning on many important traffic axes.

The provincial People's Committee has focused on developing agriculture in a modern and sustainable direction, developing large-scale concentrated commodity production areas that apply technology towards clean, high-value agriculture in association of chains linking production, processing and consumption to promote production and improve product value and income for locals.

The socio-culture, health and education fields have also received due attention to flexibly adapt to the epidemic context. In short, the results the province has achieved in 2022 are very encouraging.

Making visible changes in all fields

2023 is a year of great significance, a "hinge" year that creates substantive changes in the implementation of socio-economic development goals for the 2021-2025 period set in the Resolution of the 19th provincial Party Congress. Therefore, we expect and set bigger goals for Bac Giang province to make a strong breakthrough in 2023.

Bac Giang province, make breakthroughs, successfully fulfill set goals, valuable lessons, socio-economic development tasks, 19th provincial Party Congress

Transport infrastructure in industrial parks in Viet Yen district has gradually been built synchronously.

A growth of 14.5% for 2023 is a difficult goal that requires great efforts to fulfill. To accomplish the set goals, next year, Bac Giang province will focus on the following tasks and solutions:

The province will renovate mindsets in leadership, direction and management, raise the responsibility of heads of departments, agencies and localities; creating visible changes in all fields, remove bottlenecks and create motivation for development.

It will accelerate site clearance, invest in building infrastructure at industrial zones and clusters to create clean land funds for investment attraction; pay attention to removing difficulties in procedures, mechanisms and policies on the basis of legal regulations in order to create a favorable and open production and business environment, and provide maximum support for businesses to operate.

Bac Giang will focus on investing in developing synchronous transport, industrial and urban infrastructure, with priority given to building routes connecting regions and expanding new spaces for development.

Other tasks include improving the quality of human resources, strengthening the coordination among agencies at all levels and sectors in vocational training, cooperating with enterprises in vocational training activities to meet their needs; accelerating administrative reform and strengthening digital transformation; promoting decentralization associated with personalization of the responsibility of the heads.

Le Anh Duong, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee 

and Chairman of the provincial People's Committee


Nenh and Ngoc Van industrial clusters established in Bac Giang
(BGO) – The People’s Committee in Bac Giang province has issued Decision to establish Nenh industrial cluster in Viet Yen district and Ngoc Van industrial cluster in Tan Yen district.
Bac Giang strives for clear origin and diversified distribution channels of farm products
(BGO)- Thanks to support policies of Bac Giang province, a number of agricultural cooperatives have made big investment in machinery and equipment for production traceability and bringing their products on e-commerce platforms. As a result, the products have been trusted and gradually affirmed positions in the market.
Bac Giang wins 14 golds and 17th position at National Sports Games
(BGO) – After 10 competition day, the 9th National Sports Games wrapped up on December 21, 2022. Bac Giang sports delegation totally won 44 medals, including 14 golds, 11 silvers and 19 bronzes, up 23 medals comparing to the previous achievement.
Nearly 693 million USD of registered investment added to FDI projects in Bac Giang
(BGO) – Bac Giang province approved to increase registered capital of 44 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in 2022 to add nearly 693 million USD, representing 1.7 fold increase year on year.
Bac Giang provincial leader extends Tet greeting to FDI enterprises
(BGO) – On December 19, Vice Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Phan The Tuan led a delegation to visit and extend Tet greeting to three foreign directed investment (FDI) companies in Quang Chau industrial park (Viet Yen district), including Fuyu Precision Technology Company Limited, Nichirin Vietnam Company Limited and Lens Vietnam Company Limited.
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