Bac Giang’s Public Security Department talks to enterprises: making joint efforts to ensure security, social order

Update: 09:09 | 15/07/2020

(BGO)- As luring a large number of labourers from other provinces in line with “booming” of the services, security and social order in some industrial parks see complicated happenings. In order to solve this issue, the provincial Public Security Department in northern province of Bac Giang on 11 July held a dialogue with the enterprises.

Complicated situations of security and social order

Representatives of the enterprises openly discussed and frankly complained about complicated situations of security and order in the industrial parks since early this year especially robbery and burglary. According to a representative of Boway Corporation in Song Khe-Noi Hoang industrial park, the drug addicts still break in to steal assets although the company reinforced the security force.

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Colonel Nguyen Quoc Toan, Director of the provincial Public Security Department talks to the enterprises’ representatives.

Within only more than 1 month (from 13 January to 20 February), 6 burglaries happened in the corporation but they have not been investigated frightening investors and workers.

With the same opinion, a representative of Luxshare-ICT Company Limited in Van Trung industrial park said burglary and robbery often happen on the streets around the industrial parks. Many workers were injured when being knocked down by robbers. More and more street vendors appear especially in Van Trung industrial park causing unsafe food hygiene posing risks in food safety.

Particularly, at about 12.00 on 20 June, the owner of a food stall outside the Gate No 2 of Luxshare-ICT Company Limited carelessly spilt a boiled pan of oil burning 9 people.

“We hope the public security forces will reinforce patrols on the streets in peak hours to suppress robbery criminals. Besides, the illegal street vendors need to be punished more strictly”, said representative of Luxshare-ICT Company Limited.

According to Colonel Than Van Duy, Vice Director of the provincial Public Security Department, though the number of criminals in this area decreased compared to 2019, it still sees complicated happenings. It is because many companies continue expanding production attracting increasing number of labourers coming for jobs.

Besides, the enterprises have not paid due attention to prevention inside the companies. Many workers in the companies shake hands with outsiders to steal the company’s assets or hire gangsters to hit co-workers.

For prevention, the Public Security of Viet Yen district established the quick response team to readily handle arising cases while maintaining the special groups of patrol officers in the industrial parks from 10 pm to 4 am of the following day.

However, the public security force is only possible to manage the subjects outside industrial parks. When a case happens, they often face obstacle in entity screening. Thus, enterprises need to take more initiative in crime prevention and timely grasp to inform the public security force.

Keeping stable for development

Wangchun, representative of Fuhong Precision Component Bac Giang Company Limited in Dinh Tram industrial park shared their experience in ensuring security and order. The company established 6 self-management groups of security, order and assets protection in August 2019 and set up a Zalo group chat.

Bac Giang province, Public Security Department, talks to enterprises, joint efforts, ensure security, social order, industrial parks, complicated happenings, food safety, stable for development

Representative of Luxshare-ICT Company Limited voices at the dialogue.

When facing high risk of burglary with a large volume of goods, the group leader will inform other members to be alerted and ensure close supervision in the area they are in charge of. The group supervises, timely detects and informs the cases to the public security forces.

The group leaders will bear responsibilities for loss of goods or fights occurring within the area under their management. Thereby, burglary and fighting in the enterprise ended.

Representative of Boway Corporation requested local public security to mobilize forces to collaborate with the company’s security to make common prevention measures. It is necessary to have the report to evaluate 1 year implementation of the sample security and order model for expansion.

Regarding the issues raised by the enterprises, Colonel Nguyen Quoc Toan, Director of the provincial Public Security Department stressed, it needs close collaboration among the public security forces, industrial zones authority, local government and investors to ensure security and social order.

As a direct force in fighting against criminals, the provincial Public Security Department defined preventing crime in industrial parks one of the key tasks. The provincial Public Security Department urged its divisions and public security forces of the districts and city to foster patrol, supervision, detection and prevention of the criminals. He requested the related units to investigate the cases in public and enterprises’ concern to soon provide conclusion.

In order to enhance collaboration efficiency, the provincial Public Security Department set up a Zalo group chat with participation of the companies’ representatives.

“We hope to receive collaboration and comments about security and social order situations as well as behaviours of the public security forces to create better and safer environment for the enterprises”, stressed Colonel Nguyen Quoc Toan.

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