Tu Son - A young-age rendezvous during anti-American time

Update: 18:10 | 01/05/2020

(BGO) – Coming to communes in Tu Son region (Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province) this season, I walk among lychee, orange and grapefruit hills. From a distance, the arc-shaped mountains stand high and majestic in a green color. In the echoes of the historic April days, I come to find the ancient marks in the land ever known as a "soldier training camp" to support the Southern battlefield.

Tu Son region now includes four communes: Vo Tranh, Binh Son, Truong Son and Luc Son. During the war, Vo Tranh was also called Bac Son. From the years of resistance war against the French, the Tu Son mountains and forests raised and protected people from many provinces. It also housed the Quang Hong-Hai Phong inter-provincial resistance base.

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People in Binh Son commune visit the Hon Mieu Hill - Mai Sui Training Camp relic site.

Lieutenant General Lu Giang, a talented general of the Vietnam People's Army, was born in Gang village, Vo Tranh commune. He followed the revolution at a young age, fought and matured from this land. During the anti-American resistance war, Tu Son was the place where many major military units, agencies, factories and schools from the capital city were stationed.

Walking on the provincial road 293’s section in Vo Tranh commune, I pass Day Bridge. A few years ago, when the "spiritual" route was expanded, people built a new bridge. But right next to it, the old bridge still remains as a testimony of history.

Soldiers who went to the "Mai Sui Training Camp" in the years of 1968-1975 all passed this bridge to drill-grounds and barracks. Not far from Day Bridge is the stele "The place where soldiers are trained to cross Truong Son mountain range to fight against the US to save the country". After many years, when returning to visit their young-age rendezvous, Regiment 568’s veterans are very moved and still remember the marching footsteps in the old days.

Dang Xuan Hoa (born in 1951), in Di village, Vo Tranh commune is one of the veterans of the regiment. His native land is Thai Binh province and his grandfather moved to live in Tu Son before the August Revolution in 1945.

His parents had five sons, four of whom joined the army from the resistance war against the US to the border war to defend the Fatherland. He was the eldest, enlisted in December 1971.

Immediately after enlistment, Hoa and his comrades trained hard from gun assembly, shooting and reconnaissance to carrying stones to improve physical health and practicing how to attack the enemy’s tanks in order to have enough conditions to step into hard battles ahead.

Along with Vo Tranh, Binh Son commune also records many historical imprints. Anyone who has been stationed in Binh Son remembers Dong Giang, Bai Ca, Dong Dinh, Dong Rua ..., especially Hon Mieu. During the wartime, this place housed barracks and drill-grounds hidden under the old forests. Nowadays, people live crowded among orchards and hills full of sweet fruits in all four seasons.

If in the past, the soldiers marched on trails, nowadays, coming to Binh Son, I see long concrete roads stretching to all the villages. The rural area has been given a facelift like many lowland communes.

Ngo Duy Tien (born in 1950), former Secretary of the Party Committee of Binh Son commune, did not hesitate to take me to Hon Mieu Hill in Dong Giang village. Tien is also a veteran of Regiment 568, enlisted in August 1970.

If in the past, the soldiers marched on trails, nowadays, coming to Binh Son, I see long concrete roads stretching to all the villages. The rural area has been given a facelift like many lowland communes.

Returning to the homeland after the war, he has been living in Dong Giang village. Once a Regiment 568 soldier, he now often looks after Hon Mieu Hill, where there is the stele of the historical relic site “Mai Sui Training Camp”.

At this site, Regiment 568 was established in May 1968, formerly known as Regiment 6, Division 330, Ta Ngan Military Region. The regiment trained many generations of new recruits to assist the fight against the US, and helped the local authorities and people maintain order and security, and ensure safety and military secrets.

The Hon Mieu Hill - Mai Sui Training Camp was recognised as a provincial-level historical relic site in 2003. For 568 Regiment soldiers, remembering the heroic land of Tu Son means remembering "the warm and beloved time of serving the army” as well as their young-age rendezvous.

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