Regiment 831 and “unforgettable days”

Update: 18:09 | 30/04/2020

(BGO) – “The unforgettable days” is a film about Covid-19 prevention and control that is drawing numerous viewers across the nation. To the officers and soldiers at Regiment 831 (Military Command in Bac Giang province), they also have unforgettable days because they have implemented a special important task besides the political one that is to receive the medical isolated citizens. The hardness and high risk become their happy days. 

Willing to fight against enemies in peace

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Chu Van Dai - Political Commissar of Regiment 831 took us on tour around the isolation site which previously was the hall, office and apartment for the officers and soldiers.

Regiment 831, Bac Giang province, unforgettable days, Covid-19 prevention and control, Military Command, medical isolated citizens, happy days

Officers and soldiers at Regiment 831 welcome citizens coming for medical isolation.

He said: “This is a special year, we suspend all activities to prioritize the task to fight against Covid-19 enemy. We have handed over 269 citizens who completed their quarantine period to return to their families then disinfected the areas”.

Two months ago, the site housed about 200 officers, soldiers and servicemen on probation. 

From February 10 – 24, Regiment 831 received and quarantined 1,291 Vietnamese and foreign cases. 1,240 people completed the isolation period while 51 others still put in quarantine at the site where no Covid-19 patient was recorded.

Under the instruction from the provincial Military Command, the forces set up the station again to prepare the rooms and toilets, divide the hall into sleeping rooms, install television, beds and as to accommodate 350 citizens to come for isolation with the most essential services in just one night.

Not only this site, three other facilities undertaken by the Regiment to welcome the quarantined people, including the provincial Center of Farmer’s Vocational Training and Support, the Center of National Defense and Security Education, the old Military School are in ready condition to serve thousands of cases, Dai shared.

Order from heart

It is very dangerous with high risk of infection to receive and isolate the cases returning from the epicenter. “We are willing to well fulfil the task no matter difficult and risky it is because it is the affection for compatriots and the order from soldier’s heart,” Senior Lieutenant Colonel Ta Thanh Nam, Commander of Regiment 831 revealed.

Regiment 831, Bac Giang province, unforgettable days, Covid-19 prevention and control, Military Command, medical isolated citizens, happy days

Preparing the daily meals for the isolated citizens.

At the isolation site, it does not require hardness but the meticulousness and absolute safety to ensure the spirit “For the people we serve”.

Particularly, a citizen suffered the loss when his father passed away during the quarantine period. Though the officers paid deep sympathy and sharing with the case, they still encouraged the citizen to stay at the site and strictly follow the isolation rule. They helped the person to arrange a small altar to burn an incense for his father.

“Thank you the soldiers in green”

It cannot be listed all the sincere thanks from the citizens under isolation period at Regiment 831. Several cases contacted to the relatives to buy the food and essential commodities to present the Regiment so as to partly supplement some more to the meals for the soldiers and citizens.

Regiment 831, Bac Giang province, unforgettable days, Covid-19 prevention and control, Military Command, medical isolated citizens, happy days

Officers and soldiers at Regiment 831 say goodbyes to the citizens completing the medical isolation to return to their homeland.

Other cases voluntarily stayed at the site to be the volunteer and translator after completing the quarantine period because they were moved by the soldiers’ solicitous care then wanted to share the hardness with them

Some others seemed to be attached to the site and hoped for a nearest time to come back for tribute when the pandemic is controlled. All are the true emotion, the compatriot and comrade affection amid the pandemic.

Saying goodbye to 1,240 citizens completing the quarantined period to return to their relatives, the officers and soldiers at Regiment 831 start new tasks and are ready to welcome the next isolation batches and political assignments amid the Covid-19 complicated development.

The hardness and high risk create their unforgettable and happy days!

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