Tank Brigade 203 (Corps 2) follows in elders footsteps, determined to win all battles

Update: 07:42 | 30/04/2020

(BGO) - In the historic Ho Chi Minh campaign, Tank Brigade 203 and other units of the Corps 2 advanced at lightening speed to Saigon to liberate the city. Upholding that glorious tradition, the brigade’s officers and soldiers have always tried their best in training, making many new feats.

Tradition fulcrum

In April, the entrance to the Tank Brigade 203 is full of flags and flowers. Lieutenant Colonel Ngo Xuan Quy, the brigade’s Political Commissar, led us through the welcome gate with the words "Determined to win all battles" to visit the traditional house.

Tank Brigade 203, Corps 2, follows in elders footsteps, win all battles, historic Ho Chi Minh campaign, glorious tradition, officers and soldiers, Tradition fulcrum

Tank Brigade 203 soldiers learn about the unit’s tradition.

Introducing artifacts related to the anti-American resistance war, he could not hide his pride. After the Hue-Da Nang campaign, the brigade marched at lightening speed to the southeast of Saigon and supported the infantry force, making many outstanding feats of arms.

When the opportunity came, the two tanks, coded 843 and 890, led the brigade’s troops to crash into the iron gate of the Independence Palace, and join other forces of the Corps 2 to capture the entire Saigon administration’s cabinet. The victory flag was planted on the roof of Independence Palace by Lieutenant Colonel Bui Quang Than - Captain of Company 4 at 11:30 am on April 30, 1975, forcing puppet President Duong Van Minh of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam to declare an unconditional surrender.

With its outstanding achievements, on September 12, 1975, the brigade was awarded the title of Hero of the People's Armed Forces. This was the first tank unit of the army to receive this noble award.

Continuing to make feats of arms

Following in the elders footsteps, officers and soldiers of the brigade today have overcome all difficulties and eagerly engaged in training. Being present at the drill-ground of Battalion 1 when the soldiers were practicing tank platoon tactics to attack the enemy, we realized that the training atmosphere here was very urgent and serious.

Tank Brigade 203, Corps 2, follows in elders footsteps, win all battles, historic Ho Chi Minh campaign, glorious tradition, officers and soldiers, Tradition fulcrum

Tank Brigade 203 soldiers in a drill.

Captain Nguyen Van Tam, Captain of Company 2, Battalion 1 gave orders and training situations from the enemy’s air raid to the enemy’s fierce counterattack for the soldiers to handle in a flexible way.

Shortly after, the tanks accelerated, stretched their distances, and then headed to attack locations. In another drill-ground, the soldiers were diligently practicing exercises to improve their endurance and swimming skills...

Taking advantage of the break time, Captain Dao Duy Tung, commander of Battalion 1, said: “In specialized training, the unit's officers and soldiers always follow training guidelines and well apply the coordination principles. Officers help soldiers thoroughly grasp theory while increasing practice and night training. Therefore, soldiers have shown good combat capacity and won many high prizes at rehearsals, competitions and sports games.

In the training process, especially night training, the brigade has also applied many initiatives and technical improvements. In 2019, the unit used the initiative "The equipment to examine the gunner’s line of sight outside the tank” by Captain Dao Duy Tung to make examination easier and more accurate.

Facing the complicated movements of the Covid-19 pandemic, the unit has strictly implemented preventive measures, and at the same time directed increasing the training time on Saturdays and Sundays so that in case there is any disease outbreak, it will proactively respond while still ensuring the planned exercises.

In order to constantly improve the quality of training, in the coming time, the unit will continue to pay attention to educating its glorious tradition for the soldiers, focus on leadership to improve combat readiness and prepare forces to handle situations well, ensuring absolute safety for the unit.

The unit will direct innovation and well perform breakthroughs to improve the quality of training, drills, competitions and sports events to meet the tasks and requirements in the new situation, building itself into a comprehensively strong and exemplary unit.

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