Provincial leader urges to expand screen test to effectively prevent Covid-19 pandemic

Update: 18:48 | 17/04/2020

(BGO) – Completing 15 days of social distancing as the Prime Minister’s order to prevent and control Covid-19 pandemic, Bac Giang Newspapers interviewed Le Anh Duong, Vice Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee, Vice Head of the Steering Committee’s Standing Board for Covid-19 Prevention and Control (Steering Committee) about the gained results and measures to be applied in the upcoming time to fight against the pandemic.  

What is your assessment on the implementation result of the Prime Minister’s Directive No.16 in the province recently?

The provincial leaders instructed the levels and sectors to enhance propaganda and call for people’s consensus, resulting in effective and serious implementation of the Directive No.16.

Most of the people strictly followed the instruction to restrict the outgoing, wear face mask and obey the social distancing rule when going out in necessary cases.

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Le Anh Duong, Vice Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee, Vice Head of the Steering Committee’s Standing Board for Covid-19 Prevention and Control.

The organization arranged the leader and staff to take alternate duty and work at home. The open air market was rearranged to reduce the scale, allow one-way travel while calling for people to buy essential goods only. All activities of public transport and non-essential shops were suspended.

What are the measures to be done in the upcoming time to respond to new situation?

The pandemic combat is expected to last for long time so the preventive measures should be continuously executed at all levels and sectors to prevent the pandemic outbreak in the community. There included 5 major solutions:

Firstly, regularly inspect to firmly know the source of infection from outside and it is the number one task.

Secondly, isolate all cases with high risk of infection as soon as possible depending on the suitable level: at medical facility, at the concentrated isolation area in the province, districts and city as well as at home.

Thirdly, expand the testing scale to reject, screen and early detect any suspected case. Now, it is necessary to conduct the test early for the isolated cases after inspection to define the safety case.

Next, accelerate the communication to the people, levels and sectors to raise the active awareness and responsibility to prevent and control the pandemic while enhancing the inspection and handling the violation.

Thirdly, immediately localize the high risk area and apply the medical methods to fight against the disease right after detecting any positive case so as to avoid the outbreak in the community.

The province set up the quick response teams with thoroughly trained skill on profession and situation practice to readily deal with any kind of circumstances to timely control over the disease to avoid the wide outbreak.

What is your opinion about the risk of pandemic infection to the provincial industrial parks and can you name the solutions of the Steering Committee in Covid-19 prevention and control in this area?

Bac Giang now has 5 industrial parks with 200,000 workers and 5,000 foreigners. They come from many provinces and cities including Hanoi.

Provincial leader, Le Anh Duong, screen test, effectively prevent, Covid-19 pandemic, Bac Giang province,  social distancing, Covid-19 pandemic

The working group of Viet Yen district inspects the workers’ temperature on the pickup carriage of SamSung Display Vietnam Company Limited passing the district.

Recently, the provincial Steering Committee has implemented several measures to prevent and control the disease in the local industrial parks such as communicating and popularizing the necessary regulations and skills to prevent and fight against the disease to the enterprises’ leaders, health workers, managers while asking the trade union to widely propagandize to the workers in various forms.

At the industrial parks, the inter-sectoral inspection groups were established with the members from the Management Board of the industrial parks, Department of Health, Public Security force and Labor Federation to be on duty 24 hours so as to supervise all the human changes in the industrial parks.

Besides, the social distancing rule in the production areas was popularized to the enterprises for implementation. The production facilities arranged workers to stand or sit in every 2 meters while keeping the distance at the canteen. The businesses have strictly disinfected and cleaned the production areas as well as spraying disinfectant to all vehicles in and out the enterprises...

There are many carriages to pick up workers for the local enterprises everyday (700 carriages). The province established and arranged the self control team at the pick up point to persuade the owners of the carriage and remind the workers to follow the preventive measures before entering the carriage such as wearing face masks, queuing in distance while supervising the number of people on the carriage (not exceed 20 people). The owners are requested to daily spray the disinfectant to the carriages to ensure the safety.

More solutions will be reinforced in the upcoming time.

Thank you!

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