PPC Secretary Bui Van Hai urges Lang Giang district to pay attention to traffic connection, leverage new style rural district

Update: 20:04 | 16/03/2020

(BGO)- The provincial Standing Party Committee of Bac Giang province had a meeting on 3 March with the Standing Party Committee of Lang Giang district on implementation of the district’s political duties in the term of 2015 to 2020 and preparation for the ongoing party congress at all levels. Bui Van Hai, member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of Bac Giang provincial Party Committee (PPC), Chairman of the provincial People’s Council of Bac Giang province chaired the meeting.

In the 2015-2020 term, the Standing Party Committee of Lang Giang district defined key and breakthrough tasks in socio-economic development, worked out drastic solutions for implementation and gained dramatic results in various fields. All of the 16 targets of the 21st district’s party congress have been completed and exceeded the targets.

PPC Secretary, Bui Van Hai, Lang Giang district, traffic connection, new style rural district, Bac Giang province, political duties, public investment plan

PPC Secretary voices at the meeting.

Lang Giang was recognised a new-style rural district in 2019, 1 year earlier than the set target. Preparation for the party congress at all levels are being paid due attention by the district’s Standing Party Committee.

On this occasion, the district’s Standing Party Committee requested for the provincial Standing Party Committee’s approval of the policies to build the administrative center of the district, upgrade Tan Hung industrial cluster into an industrial park and adjust the planning of Nghia Hung industrial park and make new planning of the district’s industrial parks. 

PPC Secretary, Bui Van Hai, Lang Giang district, traffic connection, new style rural district, Bac Giang province, political duties, public investment plan

PPC Permanent Deputy Secretary Le Thi Thu Hong speaks at the meeting.

They recommended the provincial Standing Party Committee and People’s Committee supplementing the Belt Road No 4 project, section from the provincial road 293 to Cau River into the medium-term public investment plan in 2021-2025 period.

Speaking at the meeting, the provincial leaders and representatives of some related departments and agencies highly evaluated Lang Giang district for the efforts in direction and implementation of the assigned duties. Nevertheless, many participants evaluated Lang Giang’s development has not met its potentials, strength and advantages.

The district was urged to pay more attention to heightening the standards of new-style communes and district and people’s quality of life. The district needs to direct waste collection and treatment, improve administrative disciplines and best serve citizens and enterprises.

Concluding the meeting, PPC Secretary Bui Van Hai required Lang Giang district to have clear solutions and schedules to achieve the long-term goals. The planning must be professional and specific in which industrial planning must be attached to services. As a new-style rural district, Lang Giang should continue improving quality of the criteria in both material and non-material activities while ensuring security and safety of local people.

The PPC Secretary advised the district to study to leverage the new-style rural district and gradually establishing the urban model within the rural areas. Each village and commune can expand one or more routines and arrange concentrated service areas to limit trading along the streets affecting traffic safety, causing environmental pollution and food contamination.

PPC Secretary, Bui Van Hai, Lang Giang district, traffic connection, new style rural district, Bac Giang province, political duties, public investment plan

The concrete road in Huong Lac commune, Lang Giang district.

The district’s Standing Party Committee needs to direct 4 contents. First, it is essential to continue taking drastic measures in Covid-19 prevention and control.

Second, tighten land management and grasp the Land Law 2013 and related regulations for effective management.

Third, it is essential to pay attention to environmental protection, waste collection and treatment to avoid pollution.

Fourth, well prepare for the party congress at all levels. The senior officials must regularly grasp and instruct the grassroots level. Arrange young and female officials. Pay due attention to ensuring security and order especially in rural areas.

Prime Minister recognizes Lang Giang as new style rural district
(BGO) – On December 25, the Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue, Head of the Steering Board for the National Target Programme on behalf of the Prime Minister signed the Decision to recognize Lang Giang (Bac  Giang province) as new style rural district in 2019.
Lang Giang strives to be new rural style district in 2019
(BGO) -  The Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Van Linh on February 27 had a working session with the People’s Committee in Lang Giang district about the schedule to build the new style rural (NSR) district during the urbanization.  
Viet Yen district recognized as new rural district
(BGO) – On behalf of the Government Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Head of Steering Board for the National Target Programmes Vuong Dinh Hue on November 8 inked the dossier to recognize Viet Yen district in Bac Giang province as new rural district in 2018. 
Lang Giang district ready to receive isolated cases
(BGO) – The Steering Board for Covid – 19 prevention and control in Lang Giang district (Steering Board) in Bac Giang province assigned the district Military Command to cooperate with the military units in the local area to prepare two isolation areas to receive the suspected cases (if any).  
Lang Giang soldiers help people beautify villages
(BGO) - Responding to the movement "The army joins efforts to build new-style rural areas" launched by the Ministry of National Defense, officers and soldiers of the armed forces in Lang Giang district, Bac Giang province have coordinated with military units to carry out many specific and practical jobs, contributing to helping localities fulfill their new-style rural area building targets in 2019.

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