Enhancing Vietnamese women’s role in society

Update: 17:28 | 08/03/2020

Throughout the history of Vietnam, women have made a tremendous contribution to national construction and defence, boasting a glorious tradition of heroism, invincibility, faithfulness and responsibility. When he was alive, President Ho Chi Minh always cared for women and highly appreciated their role.

Accounting for half of the population and 48% of the labour force, Vietnamese women are present in all sectors and regions, proactively taking part in social activities and patriotic movements with listless excellent achievements. At the same time, they successfully fulfil their role as wives and mothers, provide emotional support and binding family members together.

Vietnamese women’s role, history of Vietnam, tremendous contribution, glorious tradition of heroism, faithfulness and responsibility

Vietnamese women have made a tremendous contribution to national construction and defence throughout history.

The government’s sound policies have improved the health of women and children significantly but there remain a number of problems undermining their health and affecting their quality of life.

Vietnam was one of the earliest countries to complete the goal of universal primary education with a high rate of literacy but overall the educational level of women, especially those living in remote and mountainous regions, remains low.

Highly-qualified women account for just a small part of the workforce and Vietnamese women’s full potential and creativity have yet to be fully tapped. A Politburo report shows that the ratio of women who occupy government roles has also yet to meet the set targets.

To meet the needs of the new era and with regard to issues facing women, it is necessary to focus on developing the female workforce, especially high-qualified members, while paying attention to disadvantaged, ethnic and mountainous women.

The government at all levels needs to introduce specific measures in order to produce marked improvements in the quality and effectiveness of policy implementation towards women.

It is also necessary to raise gender awareness among government officials, Party members and people from all walks of life so as to create an attitude of respect and gratitude toward women across society, and to denounce any discrimination against or harassment of women.

The Vietnamese Women’s Union and its local chapters need to better fulfil their mission of taking care of and protecting the legitimate rights of women whilst encouraging women to strictly follow the Party and State’s policies and their far-reaching impacts on the public.

The union should also review current regulations and study issues facing women and young girls in this age of international integration as the basis to propose new policies concerning gender equality, female labour, social security, and female professional development.

The comprehensive development and enhancement of the female workforce are highly significant to increasing the overall workforce’s quality, meeting the requirements of sustainable development and helping to accelerate industrialisation and modernisation.

Many activities to celebrate International Women’s Day
(BGO) - To celebrate the 110th anniversary of International Women’s Day 8 March (1910-2020), the provincial women’ union (PWU) in northern province of Bac Giang directed its branches at all levels to call for resources and join hands to implement 9 practical activities for prevention and control of the acute respiratory disease (Covid-19) in the kindergartens instead of normal meetings or parties as usual.
Japan funds project against women, child trafficking in remote areas
The Japanese Government will provide a non-refundable assistance worth more than 482,000 USD for a project on women and child trafficking prevention in mountainous and remote areas of the northwestern border province of Dien Bien.
Bac Giang women send love to the frontier
(BGO) - Responding to the programme "Accompanying frontier women" launched by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Women's Union, since 2018, the Women's Union of Bac Giang province has given support to members of the Women's Union of Tu Mich commune, Loc Binh district (the northern border province of Lang Son). The programme has brought about practical results.
Vietnamese women association in Tanzania supports orphans
A delegation of the Vietnamese Women Association in Tanzania on December 1 paid a visit and presented gifts to orphans in Bagamoyo city, 70 km from the country’s Dar es Salaam capital city.
First Global Women’s Leadership Summit 2019 held
The first Global Women’s Leadership Summit 2019 was held in Seoul on November 28 to honour women’s role in social and economic activities at present.

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