Programme highlights outcomes of Vietnam’s participation in UN peacekeeping

Update: 09:48 | 21/01/2020

An exchange programme was held in Hanoi on January 20 to share the outstanding outcomes of Vietnam’s participation in United Nations peace keeping operations over the last five years.

The event, organised by the Vietnam Department of Peace keeping Operations under the Ministry of National Defence, was attended by military officials, members of level-2 field hospital No. 1 and No. 2, families of the peacekeepers, and the peace keeping engineer team. It was also meant to give spiritual support ahead of the traditional Lunar New Year festival to staff of level-2 field hospital No. 2 in South Sudan.

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Vietnam has actively taken part in UN peacekeeping operations over the past years.

Taking part in UN peace keeping operations is a new task of the Vietnam People’s Army, demonstrating the country as a responsible member of the international community, enhancing its stature and prestige in the world, and helping to safeguard the nation soon, from afar, and by peaceful means.

Over the last five years, Vietnam’s peace keeping force has attained impressive initial outcomes recognised by the international community.

Major General Nguyen Viet Luong, Political Commissar of the Vietnam Military Medical University, recently returned from the UN mission in South Sudan. He said this country has an area that is three times larger than Vietnam’s and a population of about 13 million, most of whom have to rely on the UN’s aid for their daily life.

“Such a fact makes any of us further treasure an environment of peace we are living in,” he noted.

Captain Nguyen Thi Thu Ngan, who returned from level-2 field hospital No. 1 in Bentiu of South Sudan in late 2019, said despite insufficient infrastructure conditions, staff of the hospital made joint efforts to overcome difficulties. In more than one year, the hospital gave treatment to more than 2,200 patients, 10 times higher than the number other hospitals dealt with.

Aside from peacekeepers’ sharing and video calls with staff of level-2 field hospital No. 2 in South Sudan, the programme featured videos showing activities of Vietnam’s military medical officers at the UN mission.

Vietnam, France boost peacekeeping cooperation
The Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations (VDPO) together with the office of French defence attaché in Vietnam opened talks regarding UN peacekeeping missions on October 21.
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A Cambodian delegation from the National Centre for Peacekeeping Forces, Mine and Explosive Remnants of War Clearance had a working session with representatives from the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations (VDPO) in Hanoi on October 1.
Vietnam considers sending civil force to UN peacekeeping missions
An inter-sectoral conference was held in Hanoi on July 18 to review preparation works of the deployment of the level-2 field hospital No.2 to replace the No.1 and a sapper company, and consider the possibility of sending the civil force to join the United Nations’ peacekeeping activities.
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Seven more Vietnamese military officers will join the United Nations peacekeeping missions in South Sudan and Central African Republic.
Joining UN peacekeeping missions affirms VN’s contributions to world peace
Vietnam’s participation in the United Nations’ peacekeeping missions is a humanitarian activity of great significance, affirming the country’s responsibility towards the international community.

Source: VNA

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