Administrative reform sees changes in quality

Update: 16:30 | 06/12/2019

(BGO) - Measuring the satisfaction of people and businesses is one of the ways that departments, agencies and localities in Bac Giang province apply to improve service quality and efficiency of administrative reform.

Focusing on fixing shortcomings

According to the provincial People's Committee, Viet Yen district leads the People's Committees of districts and city in the satisfaction index of people and organizations for the service of State administrative agencies.

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People use an automatic dialer when they come for medical examination at the Health Center of Viet Yen district.

Attaining that result, besides regularly reviewing to reduce administrative procedure handling time, and investing in infrastructure, every year, the district also distributes survey sheets to assess people's satisfaction. At the end of each quarter, it will make a summary and report for publication.

Nguyen Xuan Quang, Chairman of the Bich Dong township People's Committee, commented: “From the assessments of the people, the township will analyze the criteria, thus devising measures to further improve the quality of serving organizations and citizens in handling administrative procedures”.

The satisfaction index of people and organizations for the service of State administrative agencies is evaluated based on criteria related to facilities; serving attitude of cadres and civil servants; charge/fee levels; administrative procedure settlement results; and publication of administrative procedures...

Towards the satisfaction of patients, over the past time, the provincial Department of Health has not only constantly improved the quality of medical examination and treatment with many high-tech and specialized techniques but also actively implemented solutions to fix shortcomings in criteria that receive low people’s satisfaction. Statistics from the department showed that the waiting time of patients decreased 35 minutes per visit on average compared to previous time.

Not only fix the limitations, Bac Giang city has also paid attention to the expectations of organizations and citizens towards administrative agencies. The city has invested in buying more equipment to serve the operation of its one-stop-shop division such as presbyopia glasses, versatile phone chargers, free wifi system and water purifiers... Last year, Bac Giang city ranked 3rd in terms of satisfaction.

Investment in facilities and personnel arrangement

According to the provincial Department of Home Affairs, the people's satisfaction survey has brought about many positive changes, helping to change awareness and create a beautiful image of civil servants directly on duty at the one-stop-shop divisions at all levels. This is also the basis for detecting shortcomings and limitations, thus taking measures to overcome and improve service quality.

Nguyen Van Nghia, Deputy Director of the Department of Home Affairs, said departments, specialized agencies of the provincial People's Committee, and People's Committees of districts and city should base on the satisfaction index as well as their quarterly survey results to get experience and find solutions to fix shortcomings and improve each indicator.

Administrative reform, changes in quality, Bac Giang province,  service quality, administrative procedures, people’s satisfaction, one-stop-shop divisions

Free drinking water purifier serving patients at the provincial General Hospital.

The province has paid attention to arranging a contingent of capable and qualified officials and public employees, as well as investing in facilities and equipment for the one-stop-shop divisions. Departments and agencies have regularly reviewed to cut down the time for settling administrative procedures, while promoting communications to encourage people to use online public services in an effort to reduce direct transactions.

Identifying the one-stop-shop division as a place to handle many administrative procedures with complex documents, Lang Giang district has carefully selected officers on duty, taking into account from qualification to communication skills. The district has also assigned the specific tasks for each on-duty officer here. Therefore, the rate of records returned ahead of schedule and on time in the district is always high.

It is difficult to achieve high people's satisfaction, but maintaining and improving service quality is even more difficult, requiring more efforts of departments, agencies and localities. The administrative agencies in the province should use tools or hire an independent unit to conduct surveys as a basis for accurately assessing the level of people’s satisfaction for each agency, unit, official and civil servant to have solutions to innovate and increase service efficiency.

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