H’re people’s brocade weaving recognised as national intangible cultural heritage

Update: 14:20 | 26/09/2019

The traditional brocade weaving of the H're ethnic minority people in Ba Thanh commune, the central province of Quang Ngai, has been recognised as national intangible cultural heritage.

Traditional brocade products of H're people are popular among other ethnic groups, serving the daily needs of communities, contributing to conserving the locality’s traditional culture and improving incomes for weavers.

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H’re people’s brocade weaving recognised as national intangible cultural heritage.

The weaving also demonstrates the traditional culture, intelligence and sophisticated techniques of H’re weavers, which have been passed down from generation to generation.

Each brocade product of the H're people is not only a common product, but also a spiritual product where weavers convey their talent, aesthetics, intelligence, creativity, and spirit.

The traditional weaving shows the unique culture of the H’re ethnic group in Quang Ngai, reflected by the way of patterning on brocade weaving products and costumes.

The recognition as a national intangible cultural heritage is a basis for preserving and promoting this profession.

In recent years, local authorities and sectors have encouraged local residents to develop the traditional handicraft, as well as implementing scientific projects to preserve it.

Vocational training in brocade weaving has been organised for young H're women in the locality, and weaving products introduced at festivals, exhibitions and fairs, contributing to preserving and developing traditional weaving.

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Source: VNA

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