Milestone for name of Viet Yen district

Update: 11:24 | 15/12/2020

(BGO) -  Viet Yen is a district with long history and diverse culture in the northern province of Bac Giang. After 200 years of foundation and development (1820 - 2020), the resilient land has continued contributing more achievements to the national defence and protection. And the name Viet Yen was found in the previous documents among the woodblocks in Nguyen dynasty.  

The 19th volume of history book “Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi” noted that: “Long time ago it was named Yen Viet district. Under Ming dynasty, it belonged to Bac Giang ward. Under Le Quang Thuan dynasty, it belonged to Bac Ha ward and remained unchanged at early stage of Gia Long dynasty. Then it was name Viet Yen as current time in early period of Ming Mang dynasty”.

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The woodblocks on the cover of history book Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi noted the time when Viet Yen district was named.

The district was founded in July, autumn of year of the dragon (1820) under the reign of King Ming Mang. Initially, it was named Yen Viet district. The woodblocks in the 36th volume, the 35th carved block of Kham dinh Dai Nam specified that: “In the first year (1820) Gia Long dynasty founded Kinh Bac town with 4 wards, 20 districts. Tu Son ward had 5 districts of Tien Du, Vu Giang, Que Duong, Dong Ngan and Yen Phong; Bac Ha ward had 4 districts of Thien Phuc, Hiep Hoa, Kim Hoa, Yen Viet; Thuan An ward had 5 districts of Lang Tai, Gia Lam, Van Giang, Gia Binh,Sieu Loai; Lang Giang ward had 6 districts of Yen The, Yen Dung, Bao Loc, Huu Lung, Phuong Nhan and Luc Ngan. King Ming Mang changed Yen Viet district to Viet Yen in 1820”.

Thus, the major history books under Nguyen dynasty, especially woodblocks of Kham dinh Dai Nam proved that the name Viet Yen district appeared in the year of dragon 1820 which is an important milestone to mark the nonstop development process of the district during 200 years.

The woodblocks under Nguyen dynasty showing the period when Viet Yen district was named has crucial meaning to the local history, especially toward the origin and pride of district long tradition.

Thom Quang

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