Book set features Ho Chi Minh’s writings recognised as national treasures

Update: 09:25 | 27/08/2020

The book set “Ho Chi Minh – National treasure writings” has made its debut to mark Vietnam’s 75th National Day (September 2, 1945-2020) and celebrate the 13th National Party Congress.

The set consists of President Ho Chi Minh’s five writings that have been recognised as national treasures.

The first book features the original print of “Duong Kach Menh” (The Revolutionary Path) that was written by Nguyen Ai Quoc, an alias of Ho Chi Minh, as its highlight.

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The book set of President Ho Chi Minh's writings.

The second one is “Nhat ky trong tu” (Prison Diary), a poetry collection by President Ho Chi Minh. It contains all 134 poems as translated by the Institute of Literature.

The third book introduces “the Call for national resistance” which was written by President Ho Chi Minh in 1946. Its appendix features photos capturing the late President’s activities during the resistance war against French colonialism.

In addition, the book also has a QR code for readers to download and listen to the voice of Uncle Ho.

The original citation of “The appeal to all compatriots and soldiers” by President Ho Chi Minh in 1966, in conjunction with appendix photos on the great leader during the resistance war against US imperialism, have now been made available to the public. The book has also a QR code to help readers download and listen to Uncle Ho’s voice.

The last book highlights both originals and printed copies of President Ho Chi Minh’s testament. Readers can see Uncle Ho’s thoughts and writing style through the processes of writing and editing three copies in 1965, 1968 and 1969.

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Source: NDO

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