Vietnamese language learning book, “Xin Chao Viet Nam” launched

Update: 14:45 | 25/06/2020

The Association for Liaison with Overseas Vietnamese held a ceremony on June 24 to introduce a new Vietnamese book entitled “Xin Chao Viet Nam”dedicated to overseas Vietnamese and foreigners who wish to learn the Vietnamese language.

The book was written by Pham Thi Huong, director of Hannaspeak Training JSC and is published under the sponsorship of Ntea Group.

The book includes 20 lessons across different topics via Hanna’s stories regarding family, occupation, weather, going to the hospital, shopping, traveling, and others.

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The Vietnamese book entitled “Xin Chao Viet Nam”.

“Learning and teaching Vietnamese is now an indispensable trend as there are 4.5 to 5 million Vietnamese who are living, working and studying in more than 100 countries and territories around the world. Moreover, Vietnam is boosting strong integration and more foreigners wish to learn about Vietnamese culture, understand the Vietnamese language, and speak Vietnamese,” said Ambassador Nguyen Phu Binh, chairman of the Association for Liaison with Overseas Vietnamese.

The Association for Liaison with Overseas Vietnamese will promote and introduce the book to the Vietnamese community abroad in order to improve the book, Binh said, expressing his belief that similar Vietnamese learning programmes will be developed to meet the needs of young Vietnamese people abroad as well as foreigners living in Vietnam.

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Source: NDO

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