Bac Giang strives to attract 1 billion USD investment in 2020

Update: 21:49 | 24/03/2020

(BGO) – From now till the year end, Bac Giang province will further accelerate to improve the environment and business environment, reform the administrative procedure and continue implementing the policy to attract the investor to the province.

According to the Department of Planning and Investment, the province focuses on investment attraction in 2020 and strives to draw total newly registered and added capital of some 1 billion USD (including both domestic and foreign direct investment (FDI) projects).

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Bac Giang province prioritizes to draw investment to the industrial parks.

In the industry sector, the province prioritizes to attract the investment to various fields of mechanical and manufacturing industry, electronic and electronic production, processing of food, farm and forestry products, garment and textile, supporting industry at the industrial parks of Quang Chau, Hoa Phu as well as the industrial clusters in Bac Giang city and in the districts of Viet Yen, Yen Dung, Luc Nam, Lang Giang, Tan Yen and Hiep Hoa.

In the energy sector, Bac Giang welcomes the business to invest and expand the local thermal power plant projects as the plan in Luc Nam and Son Dong districts; draw the project of clean and alternative energy production in Yen The and Son Dong districts; attract the projects to manufacture solar panel in Quang Chau and Hoa Phu industrial parks.

In the trade and service sector, the province focuses on luring the investment projects to the urban areas, commercial centers, high quality hotel and entertainment facilities, logistics, financial service, medical and insurance in Bac Giang city as well as resort urban area at the potential locations such as Lang Giang, Luc Ngan and Luc Nam districts.

Regarding tourism sector, the provincial authority calls for the investment to realize the tourism projects such as Suoi Mo Tourism Complex (Luc Nam district); Ecotourism Site in Cam Son and Khuon Than Lakes (Luc Ngan district)...

In the agriculture field, the province encourages to develop the industry of preservation, thorough and fine processing via high technology; orient the planning work with consumption to increase the added value for the agro-forestry-fishery produce; synchronously invest in the treatment system for waste water, waste, emission to protect the environment.

To achieve the target, from now on Bac Giang province will further accelerate to improve the environment and business environment, reform the administrative procedure and continue implementing the policy to attract the investors to the province while facilitating the investors and enterprises to handle the arising difficulties and obstacles as well as speeding up the implementation of the approved projects.

Additionally, all sources of investment are mobilized to well prepare the infrastructure, create clean land, plan and build the material area to support the optimum condition for the interested investors.

The statistic showed that since early this year, the province approved for the investment policy and granted the certificate of investment to 17 projects, including 10 domestic projects with total registered capital of 302 billion VND (13 million USD); 7 FDI ones totally worth 69.5 million USD; 2 domestic projects and 6 FDI ones with added capital up to 142 billion VND (6.1 million USD) and 73.1 million USD respectively.

The industrial production remains a year on year good growth. The February production index went up 30.3 percent while the production index increased 21 percent in the first two month of this year.

However, the outbreak of Covid-19 in China has had negative impact on several key manufacturing sectors of the province that lowered the production development.

The export turnover in February was estimated at 725 million USD and hit 1,175 million USD in the first two months, increasing 52.8 percent and making up 12.4 percent of the plan.

The import value in February reached some 605 million USD and 1,130 million USD in the first two months, up 45.1 percent comparing to the same period last year.

As of February 2020, the province attracted (new and added) domestic investment and FDI of 263.8 billion VND (11.3 million USD) and 237.4 million USD respectively which made 1.99 fold year on year increase while total investment of FDI projects accounted for 60 percent of the same period last year.

Since early this year, Bac Giang province has drawn a project with big registered capital (project of CE Link Vietnam 2 factory) invested by CE Link Vietnam with total value of 49.84 million USD.

In accumulation, the province is home to 1,242 domestic investment projects with total registered investment of over 84.4 trillion VND (3.6 billion USD) and 451 FDI projects with total value of over 5.8 billion USD.

Bac Giang attracts and adjusts 16 investment projects
(BGO) – The Department of Planning and Investment has reported that Bac Giang province has attracted and adjusted to add the investment capital to 16 projects since early this year, including 7 domestic projects with total registered capital of 203 billion VND (8.7 million USD) and 5 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects totally worth 54.5 million USD.   
Bac Giang issues 2020 investment promotion programme
(BGO)- The provincial People’s Committee of Bac Giang province issued the Decision No 104/QD-UBND dated 17 February on approval of the province’s programme on investment promotion in 2020. 
Bac Giang strives to build favourable investment climate
(BGO) - As defining the province’s development attached to development of the business community, Bac Giang province strove to foster administrative reform in 2019 with a breakthrough in administrative procedure reform to support and facilitate investors.
Bac Giang approves and adjusts 222 investment projects
(BGO) – The investment attraction to Bac Giang province has been accelerated with positive results since early this year, especially drawing foreign direct investment (FDI) projects with sharply increased capital, much improved quality and bigger scale.
Tan Yen accelerates investment promotion in locality
(BGO)- In line with economic development in 2019, Tan Yen district (Bac Giang province) sees dramatic development of enterprises in both quantity and quality. 

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