Yen The earns high economic efficiency by raising free range chicken with herbal food

Update: 18:15 | 06/01/2023

(BGO) – The competent agencies and farmers in Yen The district (Bac Giang province) have paid due attention to diversifying Yen The free range chicken products, enhancing the quality, expanding the market and increasing the income.

Accordingly, the district Agriculture Technical and Service Center in September 2022 realized the model to use herbal in raising 1,000 free range chicken at the household of Nguyen Van Xuan in Rung Chieng village, Tien Thang commune.

Yen The district, earns high economic efficiency, raising free range chicken, herbal food, Bac Giang province, enhancing the quality, expanding the market and increasing the income

The chicken herd of Nguyen Van Xuan are feed with Danh mountain ginseng so they are well grown.

Participating the model, Xuan’s family was provided with training course, technical assistance and 70 percent of the production cost of breed, food, drug and chemical, dried leaves and branches of Danh mountain ginseng with total value of over 30 million VND (over 1,200 USD).

When the chicken were two months old, they were feed with the dried ginseng leaves and branches which were ground into powder then mixed with the bran till sold to the market.

Because, local ginseng contains various substances like Saponin, flavonoid, organic acid and amino acid ..., helping the poultry improve immunity, digestion, nutrient acquisition…and well grown.

Now, the poultry can be sold. The rooster weights about 2.5 to 2.8kg per head while hen reaches around 1.8 to 2.2 kg per head on average. The weight gain increases about 5 percent against traditional raising method with higher quality of meat.

Director of Yen The Green Agriculture Cooperative Giap Quy Cuong said the Cooperative registered to buy all these chicken to supply to the market on the upcoming Lunar New Year with average price of over 90,000 VND per kg, about 15,000 VND higher than the current market price. With this price, the farmer can earn more profit of 37.5 million VND per 1,000 head.


Bao Lam
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