Bac Giang creates breakthroughs in development of OCOP products

Update: 15:59 | 25/10/2022

(BGO) – To enhance quality and value of farm produce in associated with developing products under One Commune One Product programme (OCOP), the Standing Committee of the Party Committee in Bac Giang province (PPC) assigned the provincial Farmers’ Association (PFA) to implement the project “The PFA at all levels play core role in agriculture production  toward cooperation, linkage in value chain and improvement of OCOP products in 2022 – 2025 period” (Project) in early 2022. 

The innitial execution proved several results and shortcomings.

More OCOP products

For recent years, the provincial agriculture production has gained achivements. Many signature and key products got assistance to gain three or four star ratings like Luc Ngan lychee, Yen The hill chicken, Xuan Truong Chu rice noodle (Luc Ngan district), Luc Nam sugar apple among others.

Bac Giang province, creates breakthroughs, OCOP products, enhance quality, value of farm produce, One Commune One Product,  provincial Farmers’ Association

The processing facility of Momordica cochinchinensis originated products of Tran Sy Quang, a member of Gac Viet Agriculture Cooperative in Kha Ly Thuong village, Quang Minh commune (Viet Yen district).

However, most of the farm produce are sold domestically or exported in raw condition which give low added value. Though the number of OCOP products sharply increased, there still lacks of community and voluntary features.

To create breakthrough in developing OCOP products, increase farmers’income, the PPC Standing Committee assgined the PFA to build and implement the Project with active participation from cooperatives and business households and good results.

Typically, Gac Viet Agriculture Cooperative in Quang Minh commune (Viet Yen district) was consulted and supported by the PFA to achieve three star rating for two OCOP products of “ Momordica cochinchinensis essence” and “Frozen Momordica cochinchinensis powder”.

According to the PFA, basing on 56 key and potentials products registered by 10 districts and city, the PFA cooperated with Hanoi based Pharmaceutical Development Joint Stock Company to survey, judge and select 15 qualified products to be OCOP in 2022 then provide consultation on the spot to the subjects so that they can prepare and complete the profile.

In the first vote of 2022, three products were recognized as OCOP while 12 projects will be assessed and classified in second time to be held in this year end.

Enhancing cooperation to implement the project

To assist the subject to develop OCOP products, the PFA has focused on enhancing knowledge and skill to consult about OCOP programme to officials of PFA at all levels, providing the procedure to build OCOP products to 180 subjects with registered products as well as training 40 cooperatives about the skill to complete the product from the idea.

Bac Giang province, creates breakthroughs, OCOP products, enhance quality, value of farm produce, One Commune One Product,  provincial Farmers’ Association

Member of Lien Chung Sam Nam Nui Danh Production and Consumption Cooperative introduce about the flower bud tea.

However, there are several shortcomings such as small production scale, low productivity without distribution channel on the market, economic difficulties…

To recover the above mentioned limitations and create breakthroughs in developing OCOP product, in early September, Permanent Vice Secretary of the PPC Standing Committee Le Thi Thu Hong had a field trip to inspect the Project execution and worked with the PFA.

Accordingly, she ordered all levels and sectors to enhance close cooperation in Project implementation while the PFA must review and consider to add more coordination plan and document with relevant organizations, departments and sectors for execution.

The provincial Cooperative Alliances should actively promote the role in building and improving the production quality, consuming products of cooperatives; strictly collaborate with the PFA to build and develop hi-tech farming cooperatives.

The Department of Industry and Trade was requested to further deploy specific measures to introduce and conduct trade promotion to sell OCOP products.

La Van Doan, Permanent Vice Chairman of the PFA said the Association has cooperated with the Party Committee in the districts and city to popularize the Project to all leaders, particularly the OCOP knowledge so as to helping them deeply understand about the purpose, meaning and limitation in the first period of Project implementation and work out solution in the next step.

In the upcoming time, the PFA will enhance cooperation to develop prestigious products that meet the demand of domestic and foreign markets; support the recognized products to maintain quality and upgrade the rating together with trade promotion, especially electronic commerce to bring practical economic efficiency.

At first, the PFA has focused on guiding the subjects of 12 products to be voted for OCOP product in second period this year. The result will create premise and good experience for sustainable development of local OCOP product in the future.


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