Early ripening orange and pomelo sold out at high price

Update: 20:03 | 18/10/2022

(BGO) – It is about one month to come the peak harvest season of Bac Giang citrus fruits. However, owners of several gardens started harvesting early ripening fruits that are sold out at high price.

The green skin pomelo, Hoang pomelo in Luc Ngan, Tan Yen, Luc Nam districts as well as yellow flesh orange in Luc Ngan district can now be harvested.

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Family of Nguyen Van Huu in Se Cu hamlet, Thanh Hai commune harvest green skin pomelo.

The green skin pomelo in Luc Ngan is sold at 35 – 40,000 VND per kg depending on each type, Hoang pomelo at 12 – 15,000 VND per fruit, sweet pomelo at Phuc Hoa commune (Tan Yen district) at 17,000 VND per fruit, Luc Ngan yellow flesh orange at 12,000 VND per kg.

Nguyen Van Huu, an owner of garden in Se Cu hamlet, Thanh Hai commune (Luc Ngan district) shared: “Now the green skin pomelo is sold at the same price as last year early season. Hoang pomelo and sweet pomelo are sold at 20% higher price than last year. Particularly, yellow flesh orange is sold at double increase price”. This season, his family welcomes about 200 visitors per week.

According to the provincial Division of Plant Production and Protection, the citrus fruits in the province are expected to be sold at higher price than that of last year.

Now the province grows about 10,100 hectares of citrus trees with estimated productivity of 88,000 tonnes, including about 4,500 hectares of orange (output of 48,000 tonnes) and 5,600 hectares of pomelo (output of 40,000 tonnes).


Bao Lam
Luc Ngan welcomes nearly 25,000 visitors on orange and pomelo season
(BGO) – Amid the impacts of Covid-19 pandemic, nearly 25,000 visitors have flocked to enjoy orange and pomelo orchards in Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province since late October 2021, reported the district Division of Culture and Information.
Vietnam exports first batch of Doan Hung pomelos to Russia
The northern province of Phu Tho has exported the first batch of Doan Hung pomelos, which were grown with sustainable agricultural practices, to the Russian market.
US allows import of Vietnam’s pomelos
Vietnam’s pomelo has received green light from the US side to officially enter the US market in 60 days, according to Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Tran Thanh Nam.
Special organic pomelo orchard in Luc Ngan
(BGO) - With nearly 700 Luc Ngan sweet pomelo trees cared under organic method, the pomelo orchard of Tran Dinh En in Tan Truong village, Thanh Hai commune (Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province) annually sells about 50 tonnes of fruit to the market, helping its owner earn about 1.2 billion VND (52,585 USD).
Tourism linkage on orange and pomelo season
(BGO) - This year, total productivity of orange and pomelo in Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) hits over 60,000 tonnes. Taking advantages of favorable weather condition and good management of Covid-19 pandemic, traders in many places come to the district to buy orange and pomelo to consume near and far. Together with many specialties and famous landscapes, several tours have been linked to welcome visitors, making the fruit hub more hustle and bustle.
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