Production area is done in associated with making electronic record for lychee origin traceability

Update: 22:18 | 25/09/2022

(BGO) – In 2022 – 2023 season, Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) plans to produce more than 17,300 hectares of lychee (up over 1,900 hectares against 2021 crop) with expected productivity of some 98,000 tonnes.

The early ripening lychee is grown in over 3,900 hectares with estimated output of 25,000 tonnes while the remaining area is to develop main season and late ripening lychees. About 13,000 hectares of lychee will be produced safely in line with VietGAP standard to give about 83,000 tonnes and 117 hectares of lychee in line with GlobalGAP standard with expected quantity of 2,000 tonnes.

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Farmers in Thuong Phuong Son village, Hong Giang commune (Luc Ngan district) harvest lychee.

The district continues stably maintaining 85 growing area codes for export (36 code to China; 18 codes to the US, Australia and EU; 29 codes to Japan and 2 codes to Thailand) as well as 237 packing facilities to serve export activities. Meanwhile, local authority proposed to grant new growing area codes for export and qualified packing facilities.

This year, the district People’s Committee directs and instruct farmers to digitalize the lychee growing area codes together with making electronic record to trace the product origin; strictly manage the growing area codes and packing facilities to serve export; accelerate production in linkage of production and consumption under value chain.

Additionally, the district instructs to expand more lychee growing areas in line with VietGAP, GlobalGAP and organic standard to ensure export standard, especially to high demanding markets like Japan, the US, EU, Australia, Republic of Korea among other.


Bao Lam
2022 lychee season expands market, smooth consumption
(BGO) – At the moment, Bac Giang province basically completes harvesting lychees. The competent agencies gave initial assessment that this year the province had a successful lychee season with affirmed product quality and smooth consumption in many new markets.
Bac Giang lychee sold out in Hanoi
(BGO) – Thanks to diverse selling channels, Bac Giang lychees are sold out in Hanoi, especially at the end of harvest season this year.
Good impression on “Affectionate lychee season” journey
(BGO) - Wishing to devote to the homeland, the young members of Bac Giang Students Association in Hanoi voluntarily came to Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) to support local farmers in harvesting and consuming lychees. With high spirit of the youth, they left good imprint on local people.
Late ripen lychee in Tan Son commune enjoys high selling price
(BGO) – Thanks to climate condition, the lychee in Tan Son commune, Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) is ripe later than the fruits grown at other localities. With good appearance and quality, it is sold at high price.
Bac Giang lychee exported to new markets
(BGO) – Amid the impact of Covid-19 pandemic and high increase of material for agriculture production, this year lychee crop in Bac Giang province is quite smooth with over 40 percent of total productivity exported.  
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