Over 1,000 tonnes of lychee exported via Kim Thanh border gate in Lao Cai

Update: 10:45 | 30/06/2022

(BGO) - After three day June 27-29 when China piloted to import farm produce, over 1,023 tonnes of fresh lychees were exported to this market via Kim Thanh International Road Border Gate No.2 in Lao Cai province.

The customs clearing capability for farm produce in general and fresh lychee in particular is much improved thanks to active discussion and connection between the functional agencies in Lao Cai province and He Kou district (China) to create most favourable condition for accepting and handling customs procedure, arranging vehicle on prioritized route, receiving goods in soonest time.

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The competent agency checks the lychee before clearing the customs.

On the first day (June 27), only two trucks carrying nearly 48 tonnes of fresh lychee were passed the border gate to China. But on the third day (June 29), 11 trucks with nearly 350 tonnes of fresh lychee were exported to China via Kim Thanh border gate.

Vice Head of the Management Board at Lao Cai border gate (Management Board of Economic Zone in Lao Cai province) Pham Hung said the exported quantity of agriculture products in general and fresh lychee in particular to China via Kim Thanh Border Gate increased day by day which proved positive signal to meet Chinese requirement of Covid-19 prevention and control.

It is expected to further improve the customs clearing capability so as to export more farm produce, especially fresh lychee to China more smoothly and quickly.


Thanh Nam
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