Auxiliary services ready for lychee season

Update: 15:29 | 21/05/2022

(BGO) - After a year of many difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic, at this time, business and service establishments in Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province are busy cleaning, checking and replenishing devices, ready to best serve the lychee season.

Diversifying services

The lychee harvest season in 2021 was right at the time when the Covid-19 epidemic developed complicatedly. Many places experienced social distancing, so business activities faced many difficulties. This year, when socio-economic activities return to normal, the owners of food and lodging service establishments are all looking forward to and getting ready to welcome customers.

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The Hue Lan ice production facility in Chu township (Luc Ngan) produces ice bars for the lychee crop.

Arranging tables and chairs, Tran Thi Huong, the owner of a food store in Chu township, said: "Normally I only sell breakfast food, but when the lychee crop is coming, I offer lunch and pho (noodles) in the evening. I have hired additional workers and bought 10 sets of plastic tables and chairs and about 100 trays for food take-out. I have also checked and maintained electrical lines, fan systems, and refrigerators at the store”.

The whole district has 29 hotels and motels with 338 rooms, accommodating nearly 800 guests, along with hundreds of food stores, mainly in Chu township and the centers of communes such as Quy Son, Phuong Son, Hong Giang, Giap Son and Bien Dong. The accommodation establishments become the most crowded in the lychee harvest season because their rooms are rented by traders from foreign provinces and China.

It's almost a month until the main lychee harvest season, but the printing shop of Tran Thu Thuy in Quang Trung residential area, Chu township has received twice as many orders as usual. Many purchasers and growers have ordered printing of labels and receipts to serve transactions. Not far away, many households with large premises located on the main streets have been hired by traders as places for lychee purchasing.

Service prices requested to be publicized

This year, the lychee output in Luc Ngan district is estimated at about 95,000 tonnes. The expected harvest time is from May 25 to July 30. Therefore, business service providers on this occasion are busy preparing. From April 16, the Hue Lan ice production facility in Tran Phu residential area, Chu township has started producing 1,500 ice bars per day, which are kept in cold storage.

Auxiliary services, ready for lychee season, Covid-19 epidemic, business and service establishments, Bac Giang province, Diversifying services,  ripe lychee season

Food service providers prepare more devices to serve the needs of people during the lychee harvest season.

According to Vu Manh Lan, the facility owner, from the beginning of April 2022, the facility has recruited more workers from some neighboring districts. In addition, he also spent nearly 800 million VND (43,500 USDS) maintaining the evaporator, making more ice trays and adding gas… It is expected that in the main lychee crop (from June 10), the facility will sell 2- 4 tonnes of ice per day.

In order to facilitate lychee sale, right at the beginning of March 2022, the People's Committee of Luc Ngan district issued a specific plan, assigning tasks to each agency, sector and organization. Special attention is paid to ensuring security and order, traffic safety, fire prevention and fighting, food safety and hygiene, and commercial fraud prevention.

According to Nguyen The Thi, Vice Chairman of Luc Ngan district People's Committee, at around the beginning of June, the communes will start harvesting lychees and the accompanying services will be more bustling. The district has asked food and beverage service establishments, hotels and restaurants to publicize their service prices, and commit not to increase prices. The phone numbers and hotlines of authorities will be made available at lychee purchasing points and central areas so that traders and people can easily contact them when necessary.

The district continues to assign its Culture - Information Division to coordinate with the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, reputable and experienced businesses in tourism activities to select a number of typical gardens in Thanh, Tru Huu and Giap Son communes as places for tourists to experience the ripe lychee season.

At the same time, communes and townships will review the lychee production and storage situation as well as assess supply and demand for auxiliary products such as foam boxes, plastic containers and industrial ice, in order to meet the market demand.


Khoi Nguyen - Viet Anh
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