Chickens raised with Danh Mountain ginseng

Update: 14:01 | 23/02/2022

(BGO) - Instead of normal water, chickens drink water boiled from the leaves, stems, and roots of Danh Mountain ginseng. As a result, chickens grow and develop well, and have better meat quality.

This is a unique chicken raising model being applied by the Thin Dung Agricultural Service Co., Ltd (Thin Dung Company). The technique of raising chickens with herbs is not much different from the traditional method. The only difference is that drinking water for the chickens is sourced from the Vietnamese ginseng grown on Danh Mountain.

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Chickens fed with Vietnamese ginseng are sold at a price about 10,000 VND/kg higher than that of normal chickens.

Nguyen Van Thin, Director of Thin Dung Company, shared that “The enterprise grows ginseng on an area of nearly 20 hectares and also raises livestock there. During the operation, we researched and piloted the raising of chickens with water from the stems, leaves and roots of ginseng; and no antibiotics. We have obtained high results right from the first batch”.

With a survival rate of more than 90 percent, the chickens grow and develop well, with a weight of about 2.5 kg per head. The National Office of Intellectual Property under the Ministry of Science and Technology has approved the company’s application for protection of its herbal chicken products.

The model of raising herbal chickens has been implemented by Thin Dung Company since the beginning of 2021, initially with 1,000 chickens at the family of Vi Van Bang in Phuc Le village, Phuc Hoa commune. The company gave his family seed and technical support. In the first 60 days, chicken are raised following the traditional method.

Chickens with good disease resistance and health, and delicious meat quality were purchased by traders for consumption mainly in the Hanoi market with selling price about 10,000 VND per kg higher than that of conventional chickens.

The family of Vi Van Tot (also in Phuc Le village) has a farm area of more than 5,000sq.m, growing early-ripening lychee and Danh Mountain ginseng in combination with raising chickens in the garden. When he first heard about raising ginseng chickens, he was very surprised. But when seeing his neighbor Vi Van Bang raising such chickens effectively, he boldly engaged in this model with a scale of more than 4,000 chickens.

This year, the company continues to expand its breeding scale to 9,000 heads in three households in Hop Duc and Phuc Hoa communes. The participating households must meet the criterion regarding farm size. The enterprise will provide technical support and be responsible for consumption.

Tan Yen district has a total area of about 30 hectares of Vietnamese ginseng, earning more than 10 billion VND (438,200 USD) per year. From the effectiveness of planting Vietnamese ginseng, the district has planned a growing area of about 200 hectares in Lien Chung and Viet Lap communes, which will be then expanded to An Duong, Tan Trung, Lan Gioi and Hop Duc communes.

The model of raising chickens with Vietnamese ginseng has been opening up a new direction for Tan Yen to expand its breeding scale, gradually forming a large production area in combination with herbal chicken raising, bringing high economic efficiency to local residents.


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