Bac Giang removes difficulties for sale of agricultural products

Update: 22:04 | 26/07/2021

(BGO) - The Covid-19 pandemic has been controlled in Bac Giang but is still complicated in many other localities across the country. In that context, the sale of agricultural products in the province has also been significantly affected so relevant agencies and people here are implementing measures to minimise losses.

According to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, at present, Bac Giang sees some fruits being harvested, with an estimated output of more than 20,000 tonnes of longan and 15,000 tonnes of custard apple. The harvest time for these fruits is from the end of July to the end of September.

Bac Giang province, removes difficulties, sale of agricultural products, Covid-19 pandemic, consumption demand, Covid-19-free shipment

A custard apple purchasing point in Huyen Son commune (Luc Nam district).

In addition, there are more than 940,000 pigs and 20.8 million fowls. High crop and livestock yields have met the consumption demand not only in the province but also in many other provinces and cities across the country.

In the local market, most localities belong to the green zone in the anti-epidemic map, so the supply of goods as well as the sale of agricultural products is relatively convenient, but bringing them to other provinces and cities is facing certain obstacles due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Le Van Duong, Director of the Sub-Department of Livestock and Veterinary Medicine under the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, every day Bac Giang carries out 30-40 trips (equivalent to 300-400 tonnes) transporting pigs to Lang Son and Quang Ninh for consumption, while the number of trips to Hanoi and Thai Nguyen fell sharply, only half as compared to before.

In contrast to pigs, in Yen The hill chicken area, Nguyen Van Dong, head of the district's Division of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that currently, commercial chickens are still being sold smoothly, with about 30 tonnes provided for the market per day on average, higher than the volume before the epidemic. The sale is smooth because chicken traders have connected and worked with forces at checkpoints. For fruits such as custard apple and longan, as the harvest season just begins and most of the customers are wholesale buyers in the province, the selling prices are quite high, with favourable sale.

Duong Thanh Tung, Director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that after a successful lychee crop amid difficulties, the province has learned many lessons in selling agricultural products. Reality showed that Bac Giang’s agricultural products have won the trust and favour of consumers. Moreover, custard apple and longan are harvested in a long time, with 45 percent of custard apple experiencing off-season harvests. This is an advantage for sale of agricultural products.

However, the most difficult thing now is transportation. To remove this difficulty, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has coordinated with the Department of Industry and Trade to guide implementation of measures.

First of all, they recommended that small businesses should grasp epidemic prevention and control situation in localities and necessary procedures for goods circulation, avoiding losses. When bringing agricultural products to the Hanoi market, it is necessary to register the vehicle plate number and destination so that the Department of Industry and Trade will connect with relevant units, ensuring safety amid the pandemic.

Bac Giang province, removes difficulties, sale of agricultural products, Covid-19 pandemic, consumption demand, Covid-19-free shipment

A chicken farm in Dong Tien commune (Yen The district) strictly follow the epidemic prevention process.

The confirmation of a Covid-19-free shipment will be decided by the district-level authorities, ensuring the best circulation of goods. In addition, businesses should target other markets instead of traditional ones such as: Quang Ninh, Bac Ninh, Thai Nguyen and Lang Son; and increase local consumption demand. For longan, it is necessary to step up processing.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development will continue to send staff to closely follow the situation to promptly remove obstacles; advise people to focus on improving product quality, preventing and controlling diseases, and protecting plants and animals safely.

Along with the above solution, the Department of Industry and Trade will continue to tap the advantages of e-commerce platforms to promote and expand the market for local agricultural products.

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