Longan productivity estimated at over 20,000 tonnes

Update: 12:47 | 05/07/2021

(BGO) – According to the Division of Plant Production and Protection (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development), with total area of more than 3,300 ha, the total longan productivity in Bac Giang province is estimated at over 20,000 tonnes of fruits, up 2,000 tonnes comparing to last crop figure.

The increased productivity is gained thanks to favourable weather condition, helping the fruit tree well develop with high flowering and fruit bearing rate.

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The farmer in Bao Dai commune, Luc Nam district cares for the longan trees.

The longan is mostly grown in the districts of Luc Nam, Luc Ngan and Tan Yen. The early ripening longan which accounts for 50 percent of the total cultivation area is harvested from July 7 to early August. The late ripening one is harvested from middle of August to early September.

Most of the varieties in the province are Dimocarpus longan with thick flesh and big size fruit which are preferred by many customers.


Truong Son
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