Hai Duong lychee exported to Thailand for first time

Update: 19:40 | 06/06/2021

Ameii Vietnam JSC shipped 10 tonnes of Hai Duong fresh lychee to Thailand by sea on June 5, making it the first time the fruit has been exported to the Thai market.

A representative from Ameii said that Thailand is considered as a fruit hub in the region, so the export of Hai Duong lychee to the market along with the acceptance of the fruit shows that Hai Duong lychee can compete even in such a hub of tropical fruit.

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Ameii Vietnam is expected to ship 20 tonnes of fresh lychee to the Thai market each week.

Ameii Vietnam is expected to ship 20 tonnes of fresh lychee to the Thai market each week to supply to supermarket chains and stores in the country.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Hai Duong Province, the province harvested and consumed about 29,000 tonnes of lychee as of May 31, equivalent to 85% of the output of early maturing lychee and 55% of the total lychee output of the entire province.

Of the total harvested volume, about 15,000 tonnes were exported to China, Laos, and Cambodia.

In addition, approximately 1,500 tonnes of Hai Duong lychee were transported to demanding markets including Japan, the US and Australia; about 300 tonnes were shipped to the EU; 500 tonnes were exported to Singapore, the Middle East and Malaysia; and 700 tonnes of frozen lychee were shipped to the Republic of Korea, Japan and the EU.

It is anticipated that an additional 1,000 tonnes of fresh and frozen lychee will be shipped to Japan while 4,000 tonnes will be transported to the US, Australia, Singapore and the EU.

Hai Duong Province estimates to harvest 55,000 tonnes of lychee in this crop.

Bac Giang daily exports 1,000 tonnes of early ripening lychee to China
(BGO) – According to the Department of Industry and Trade, for nearly one week, the early ripening lychee in Bac Giang province exported via the border gates at Lang Son and Lao Cai province has sharply increased with average quantity of 1,000 tonnes per day.
Luc Ngan grants more than 500 certificates of Covid-19 free lychee
(BGO) – Since May 20, Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) has granted more than 500 certificates of Covid-19 free lychee to the lychee weighting and purchasing points in the area to sell in domestic and export to foreign markets.
Over 500 tonnes of Bac Giang lychee exported via Lao Cai border gate every day
Over 500 tonnes of “thieu” lychee from Bac Giang province have been exported via the Kim Thanh border gate in Lao Cai province, with around 40-50 trucks daily over the past week.
Bac Giang lychees continue to conquer Japanese market
(BGO) - On May 27, the first batch of lychees from Bac Giang province arrived in Japan and was consumed strongly. This is the second year that Bac Giang lychees have succeeded in conquering this demanding market, especially at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic remains complex in the two countries.

Source: NDO

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