New arising land of sweet fruits

Update: 14:17 | 26/07/2020

(BGO) – Exploiting local potentials and advantages, Tan Yen district (Bac Giang province) has gradually expanded the fruit cultivation area toward commodity trend to build product trademark. 

Mentioning fruit tree in Tan Yen district, many people remember Phuc Hoa early ripen lychee land. The early ripen lychee helped Phuc Hoa strongly overcome the obstacles of a difficult commune in the district, especially when “The lychee production and consumption cooperative” was established in 2012 and successfully created the brand of early ripen lychee.

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The locals harvest star apple fruits in Cua Song village (Hop Duc commune).

The early ripen lychee is grown in expanded area to get higher and higher productivity, quality to become the key fruit tree in the district. 380 out of 615 ha of local lychee are cultivated under VietGAP standard, 5 ha of lychee are grown in line with GlobalGAP procedure. The local farmers earned over 150 billion VND (6.47 million USD) in 2020 lychee season. Moreover, Phuc Hoa commune has more than 50ha of guava produced under VietGAP procedure.

In Hop Duc commune, star apple fruit is on the development way with total area of 12ha. Thanks to the favourable climate, soil and water, Hop Duc star apple fruit is sweet, delicious with signature taste.

In 2017, the district succeeded in building the brand “Hop Duc star apple fruit”. After that, the fruit is cultivated in several communes of Lien Chung, Viet Lap and Cao Xa. With the average productivity of 10 – 12 tonnes per ha and selling price of 30 – 40,000 VND per kg, each ha of star apple fruit can bring an income of 250 – 300 million VND (10,787 – 12,945 USD) per year.

Seeing the advantages and effectiveness from the fruit cultivation, in late 2015, Tan Yen district Party Committee issued the Resolution to define the fruits’ importance in changing the plant structure.

To realize the set target, the district zoned off several key fruit growing areas such as late ripen longan; early ripen lychee in the communes of Phuc Hoa, Hop Duc, Cao Thuong, Lien Son, An Duong, Dai Hoa; pomelo in the communes of Ngoc Van, Viet Ngoc, Song Van, Lam Cot, An Duong; sweet orange in the communes of An Duong, Lam Cot; star apple fruit in Hop Duc, Lien Chung, Que Nham...

Besides, the district opened several courses of technical training to support and facilitate the households to accumulate the field, conduct the trade promotion and product introduction.

To date, 740.4 ha of low effective rice cultivation area in the district have been changed to fruit growing while the locals are encouraged to revamp the complex orchards and hill gardens to expand the concentrated fruit production area under VietGAP standard with origin traceability and package.

The statistic showed that, 1,500 ha out of over 3,400 ha of fruit growing area in the district are developed under VietGAP procedure. Particularly, early ripen lychee, star apple fruit and guava have origin traceability and package. Annually, the fruit productivity reaches nearly 30,000 tonnes with estimated value of over 600 billion VND (25.8 million USD).

Head of the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development in the district Dao Thu Phuong said: “To optimize the advantages and quickly form the high quality fruit area, we continue communicating and calling the local farmers to revamp the complex orchards, change to grow fruit tree instead of low effective rice, supporting them to revamp the fruit varieties and develop more concentrated fruit growing areas toward commodity production trend. At the same, the farmers are encouraged to apply high technology as well as VietGAP and GlobalGAP procedures into production to enhance the product quality and competitiveness on the market”.

VietGAP mango fetches high incomes for farmers in Kien Giang
The cultivation of Hoa Loc mango to Vietnamese good agricultural practices (VietGAP) standards provides steady outlets and incomes for farmers in Tho Son commune in Kien Giang province.
Hoang Luong expands cultivation area of VietGAP water dropwort
(BGO) – For long time, growing the water dropwort has been considered as the main orientation to develop the economy of Hoang Luong commune, Hiep Hoa district (Bac Giang province). This season, thanks to proficiency in technique, the local farmers have created quality products and bumper harvest. 
Tan Yen expands lychee areas grown under VietGAP standard
(BGO) – To enhance the lychee quality, Phuc Hoa commune in Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province has recently coordinated with the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development, district Center of Farming Technical Service to organize training course and deliver the technology to the local farmers.
Luc Ngan: More than 26,000 fruit growing households granted with VietGAP and GlobalGAP certificates
(BGO) – The Center of Agriculture Technical Service (CATS) in Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province has coordinated with the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development in the district and competent agencies to grant the VietGAP and GlobalGAP certificates to more than 26,500 fruit growing households. 
Tan Yen expands fruit cultivation under VietGAP procedure
(BGO) – To date, Tan Yen district  (Bac Giang province) is home to 3,417 hectares of fruit trees, 2,600 hectares of which were harvested with output of 28,300 tonnes of fruits and estimated value of over 600 billion VND (25.8 million USD). 

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